Dr. Barron Bell Has Posted A Project In Kickstarter Seeking Support For His Frederick Douglass Comic Book


Portland, OR (April 03, 2018) – Dr. Barron Bell has posted a project in Kickstarter seeking support for his project, which is a comic book called The North Star: The Emancipation of Frederick Douglass (V1). This is a series of book about the life of Frederick Douglass.

The Kickstarter posting begins with the life of Frederic Douglass, who was born into slavery in the year 1818. All through his life, his ferocious sense of justice, his tenacity and his force of will not just help him get out of his enslavement, but, it also helped him to self-educate. His experiences elevate him on to the national and international stage as a statesman. “The life of Douglass intersected with many crucial events that helped in shaping American history. Besides being a man of faith, a prophet, a politician, and a businessman of the 19th century, he also forced a nation to re-evaluate its moral core,” states Bell.

Besides being a comic book writer, and educator, Dr. Bell joins forces with Marvel Comics and DC Artist Koi Turnbull and writer, Robert Jeffrey II for introducing the story of Frederick Douglas to the new generation. This series of books will display the events of the life of Frederic Douglass in dramatic and exciting imagery to help to reintroduce one of the nation’s greatest heroes.

According to Dr. Bell, the funds that he raises from this campaign will go towards production costs and printing of the first chapter, “The Blackbird” which is scheduled for release in Summer of 2018. He has stated that the end product of this campaign will be a 30-page saddle-stitched book. Also, the Collector’s Edition for those contributing $100 and above will encompass a 50-page hard bound book with additional features.

Dr. Bell states “We have recently been given an official endorsement from the Frederick Douglass Family Initiative”. Kenneth B Morris Jr, Douglass’ Great-great-grandson stated that “the North Star Comic will present more people, particularly, young people, to the legacy and the life of Fredrick Douglass.” Morris has also stated that the “life of Frederick Douglass is one of the greatest stories in the history of America and it continues to resonate today.”

Dr. Bell has posted details about the rewards the supporters contributing different amounts will get from this project.

About Dr. Barron Bell:
Dr. Barron R. Bell is a graduate from the Regent University. He has his Master’s degree in animation and film and also a Ph. D in adult education. He published his first book in the year 2001 titled Cobalt: Warrior Angel. He has two Glyph Award Nominations for his work on Radio Free Amerika.

For more information, please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1662556289/the-north-star-the-emancipation-of-frederick-dougl-0


Dr. Barron Bell has posted a project in Kickstarter seeking support for the North Star: The Emancipation of Frederick Douglass (V1), a comic book series that explores the life of Frederick Douglass.

URL: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1662556289/the-north-star-the-emancipation-of-frederick-dougl-0


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