DoYourData Offers the Most Useful File Shredder Application Called Super Eraser 5.1

(September 07, 2017) – Whenever a person deletes a file from his server or hard drive or removable device or PC, it is not completely erased. Even though it looks like the data is removed from the system, still it can be recovered. If an individual or an organization looks for complete deletion of data, they can rely on the excellent tool from DoYourData called Super Eraser 5.1.

With a user-friendly 5-step process, this file shredder application can completely erase the data. All that is to be done by the user is to select the data or the partition that he/she intends to delete, then he should delete the data, then the data can be destroyed and shredded and it can also be overwritten with fresh data. Finally, the process is completed with permanent erasing of the data.

With three data erasure modes, this application will help with permanent erasing of data. The three modes are selective erase files/folders, wipe hard drive partition and finally wipe free disk space. Data leakage can be completely eliminated when this application is used for data deletion.

About DoYourData:
DoYourData has been serving right from the year 2013. This company with their professionalism in creating data recovery and erasure applications offer Super Eraser in a trial version. Once satisfied, people can go for the paid edition.

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