Different Types and Materials of Jump Rings

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Jump rings are like headpins and ear wires, they are a must for every jewelry maker’s supply inventory. So, whether you are still trying out making your first friendship bracelet or making a personalized gift for a special person, then you should know everything about jump rings and add them to your essential jewelry supplies.

If you have lost or broken your bracelet or necklace and want to safely connect it back then jump rings will do it for you. You don’t have to be a professional jewelry maker to use them. You can simply open and close them with the right plier. They are very easy to use, so go ahead and choose from the wide variety of jump rings to connect your precious bracelet or necklace.

Jump rings are often essential jewelry components to our jewelry designs. They have all kinds of uses such as securing clasps and connecting charms. They come in a variety of sizes, gauges, widths, colors, materials and designs. You can find sterling silver, silver-filled, gold, brass, copper, iron, metal and stainless steel jump rings. They are small rings made of wire that you can use as a catch for clasps for your jewelry.

There are different types of jump rings. First, there are open jump rings, which you can easily open, and close using pliers. There are also close jump rings which are much more stronger and finally there are split rings which are more secure than the open jump rings. Shop, compare and choose from the wide selection of jump rings to find the perfect one for your creation. Jump rings are versatile components every jewelry designer should keep in abundance. They can change the direction a charm hangs, or add a bit of length in a finishing.

If you want to save some money, then make sure you have enough Jewelry Supplies in your inventory and order them in bulk to save both your money and time. You can order various sizes and shapes in one wholesale order. They are especially useful if one of the components such as a charm or clasp has a closed loop connector. Use them to attach clasps, pendants or charms. The quality of the jump ring is very important, so make sure you choose very well secured ones made of high quality materials. Also you need to make sure you choose the right size to fit your clasp right.

Go ahead and add your favorite jump rings to your jewelry and make sure you are not missing any of your jewelry supplies. Get creative with your jewelry and add your own style and designs to match your wardrobe to make your own stylish and trendy look.

Make sure your jewelry supplies inventory never runs out of jewelry supplies and start shopping for the essential jewelry components like jump rings, jewelry tools, necklace clasps and much more to make sure your precious piece of jewelry is safely and strongly connected. 

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