Difference Between Traditional Jewelry and Modern Jewelry?

The best thing in life is the variety we enjoy in almost everything. Imagine how utterly boring it would be if we were given no choices but we needn’t worry about that because from the most basic to the most lofty, we can pick exactly what we want depending upon our preference as well as requirement at that particular moment. The happiest of the lot are women who enjoy a wide variety in almost everything that pleases them, from clothes and accessories to make up and jewelry. The interesting part is that every lady differs and so does her attachment or desire for a particular thing.

In case of jewelry this is even more applicable for most women have very strong likes and dislikes when it comes to the pretty and glittering baubles. One thing that can be said is that none of them are ever left feeling disappointed as there is so much variation available. To make a broad segregation, let’s talk about traditional jewelry and modern jewelry. We all know that with time jewelry too like most other things have undergone great transformation and evolved with time and while we enjoy a touch of the old world charm we cannot also resist the more chic and novel kinds. As the words suggest quite clearly, one is a classic and conventional variety while the other is a more contemporary version.

In most cases the traditional jewelry has a more elaborate and detailed beauty and whether it boasts of a rich inlay of stones alone or along with a mesh of intricate metal work, the look is something we can barely resist even today. Whether it is the shape of stone used in the pieces, the style and design or the craftsmanship the traditional variety can quite easily be discerned. Whether rings, earrings, pendants or any other kind their lavish and luxurious appeal is something heartwarming as well as timeless. They are perfect for certain occasions that are special and important like weddings and important gatherings.

Modern jewelry of course is an improvised and sleeker version that is perfect for the woman of today who wants to look pretty but doesn’t enjoy overdoing what she wears. Simple but stylish the designs these days are a true replica of the modern woman that portray as well as complement her personality very well. No matter what variety it is the look is more basic and demure but there is no compromise on elegance.

Also one who wears it will never feel loaded with jewelry or overdressed and even if you sport the ring, earrings and pendant all together as a complete set you will still not feel dressy and look just optimum. Whether set with diamonds, colored gemstone or a mix of both this style looks perfect at all times and while you can wear them to work you can even sport them for a casual outing while the special ones can be set aside for important occasions.

No matter what the differences are between traditional and modern jewelry one thing is for certain they can coexist in harmony in your jewelry box and it is up to you to know which one to opt for with a given outfit and occasion. So enjoy the beauty and grandeur of both.

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