Derby Driving School Raising Road Safety Standards Through Unmatched Driving Lessons

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Many people taking driving lessons and learning to drive in Derby have to demonstrate that they have met some of the worlds highest levels of road safety before they are awarded with their driving license. They are required to pass two tests; a theory test that challenges their understanding of the Highway Code and of course, a practical test, taking them through a sequence of real life scenarios on the roads before they are deemed safe to drive unsupervised on a full UK license.

Derby is a great place to find driving instructors and boasts some great driving schools providing driving lessons for learner drivers of all ages and levels, but its not that easy for all people in all parts of the world though, according to a recent report from Top Gear. For instance, in Brazil, because car jacking is so prevalent, driving lessons now include defensive techniques to protect themselves in a number of potentially dangerous scenarios!

Unlike Derby driving lessons, in Finland it takes a minimum of two years to obtain a full driving license. Driving lessons include skid-pan sessions and night-time driving lessons too! Although the UK has some of the worlds safest roads, as a result of the aforementioned, Finland is considered to have a world-class standard in driver safety. France is similar to Finland. Provisional license holders also have to complete a minimum of two years worth of driving lessons, covering some 3000km and are also subjected to reduced speed limits, being 110kph rather than 130 on auto-routes! In some American states, ‘driver permits can be issued to teens as young as 14 and a half. But, drivers are required to complete a six month graduated drivers license programme if under 17. However, some US states will not grant a full driving license until you reach the age of 21. On top of that, terms include that you have to be accompanied by a supervising person who is at least 21.

If youre learning to drive in Derby youll take your final practical test on real roads around one of the citys test centres. However, in Japan, driving tests are also conducted on purpose-built simulated roads. But at least youll be taking a driving test and indeed, driving lessons for that matter. In Nigeria, the driving test was only recently made compulsory, before which they could be bought for just $30.

Unlike in Derby, whilst youre having your driving lessons, youll be waiting a long time in South Africa. More than four months in many cases. And if you are female in Saudi Arabia, youll be waiting a very, very long time, as women are not permitted to hold driving licenses.

So there you have it. Taking driving lessons in Derby has its challenges. To maintain its status as one of the safest places to drive in the world, the UK sets stringent requirements that learner drivers have to meet, but reasonable and attainable ones that can be excelled easily enough if you select a good driving school with driving instructors licenced by the Driving Standards Agency.

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