Decorating with LED Christmas Lights

Once the Christmas decorations are in place, the next step is going to be to hang the lights. Lights are special in that they provide a festive look even in areas where additional decorations are sparse. This is just one of the reasons as to why stores and other establishments make sure to add LED Christmas lights to their decor during the holiday season.

Christmas lights, sometimes referred to as fairy lights, are typically produced using small to medium bulbs which are attached to long wire. Previously, incandescent bulbs were the only option, but these have since been replaced by many with brighter and more energy efficient LED lights. Solar lights are now another options to consider. These use only the power of the sun, requiring no electricity to power them.


Incandescent holiday lights are the same as any other incandescent bulb, with the only difference being the smaller size. These typically come 100-500 to a string, and they can be used both inside and outside of the home or business. This type of lighting is popular because strands are marketed widely and the price is affordable. However, the drawback is that when one light on the string goes out, the entire string of lights will no longer work. Although bulb replacement is possible, locating the faulty bulb can be a tedious task.

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These are also incandescent, with the difference being that they are larger in size and are intended to be used outdoors. These lights are enclosed inside glass, where the indoor versions are enclosed in plastic. Their primary benefits include the fact that they are quite durable, and that they are quite bright, making them easy to see from afar. The strands may also be customized, an ability which is appealing to many. The drawbacks of this type of holiday lighting is that the bulbs can be broken, and they do emit quite a lot of heat.


LED Christmas lights are relatively new to the marketplace, but have quickly become the preferred holiday lighting solution for most. These lights are bright, friendly to the environment, and last quite a long time. Each of these benefits are quite important to modern consumers. LED lights may also be used outdoors, as they can hold up well to all sorts of climate conditions. When using LED lights instead of traditional lights, the electricity cost can be up to 80% less.

Not everyone is a fan of LED Christmas lights, however. This is because some feel that they are non-traditional. Some holiday purists simply find that they do not fit with their idea of the traditional holiday. There is also the fact that LED lighting does cost more than other forms of lighting. Even so, this upfront cost can be offset by the fact that they tend to last much longer and that they cost less to use.


Solar lights are similar in side to LED lights. These lights rely on the sun to supply them with the power they need to illuminate. Most solar Christmas lights use a PV panel to collect the solar energy and then transform it into usable energy to power the bulbs. Here again, the upfront cost for solar lights is higher than traditional lights, but the utility cost savings could still render them a wise purchase.

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