26613Decorate Your Own Home with Bedding Sets

When we buy bedding should be concerned not only the color and style, the most important thing is comfort, which directly affects the body’s health. How to make yourself sleep more at ease and more healthy? Start to buy bedding begin.

By observing the height of the pillow, the pillow is generally around 9 cm in height is appropriate, it is equivalent to the height of their fists raised. Pillow with buckwheat husk and so easy to tune things as well. Loading to soft, so that it can help adjust the pillow during sleep. After making a pillow when lying occipital low, high neck, in order to increase the contact area between the neck and the pillow, and maintain the natural physiological curvature of the cervical spine. When the lateral, cervical pillow adjustment should be made to keep the shoulder level behavior in the upright position when the degree. This is in line cervical spine under normal physiological conditions of sleep.

The duvet pave relax, let the natural recovery three minutes, and then press the quilt by hand, then release the hand to see if the quilt will soon rebound restitution, rebound faster down the better the quality. If the fundamental inelastic, then filler is likely to be crushed feather hair piece or other long-haired.

By Monie test the extent of its soft, with or without the full raw footage or too small or too thick long hair piece, feather tubes. Such as soft to the touch but also a complete small raw footage is authentic products. If too large, too thick long hair piece, soft but resilient difference is softening raw footage rather than down, but if there is a short stubby soft feather shaft is crushed pieces, this quilt can not be used.

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