9543Dealing With Odor Removal After Death

When people have been faced with particularly difficult situation such as unattended death, suicide cleanup or even crime scene cleanup, they want to be completely done with the hard task and any lingering odor from the remains of the body or body fluids is the last thing they want to have hanging around the building. Death cleanup, as it were, in never completed before you deal with the decontamination of the floor, furniture and in the most extreme cases the walls and the ceiling of the building. The most effective way of sanitizing and deodorizing such a crime scene may require the removal of sections of the floor or even the dry walls.

When dealing with odor removal, crime scene cleanup experts will ask themselves where the death took place exactly; whether it is around or directly under the victim. When death has occurred inside a residence, there are very specific procedures that need to be followed and there are also specific tools, chemicals and processes that will be used for the complete decontamination of the home. While neutralizing the odor from the death itself is good, complete odor removal demands that the sanitization and disposal of the source itself else you will remain with a recurring problem.

Another important aspect of odor removal in relation to crime scene cleanup or unattended death cleanup has to do with how much time has passed since the death took place. When there are cases of accidental or unattended death that is not discovered immediately, crime scene cleanup technicians make use of specialized antimicrobial cleaners as well as neutralizing agents. They have specialized detergents that are able to attack all the compounds that causing post traumatic odor in such a way that the odor removal will be permanent with any chances of recurrence.

When all has been said and done, there are other important things you need to realize about biohazard cleanup companies; they normally act with a lot of compassion, respect and confidentiality borne of the number of families they assist to deal with different levels of biohazard cleanup and odor removal. They will also go a step further to help families in dealing with paperwork as and where required.

Many people who receive notification about an unattended death will not be thinking about how much it costs to do death cleanup, odor cleanup or decontamination of the scene of death. It is therefore important for you to check your homeowners’ insurance policy and see whether it covers death cleanup costs associated with accidental death, homicide or even suicide. Even when you made sure that this is the case, it is important that as a homeowner or a family member, you make sure that the company doing the exercise is certified and licensed to do death cleanup and odor removal for all blood borne pathogens.

This article is penned by Nora Gwilt for the crime scene clean up company Bio-One Tampa. The company also has offices in Orlando, Florida and Chicago, IL. Bio-One Tampa specializes in odor removal and undiscovered death cleaning. These jobs are best done by professional companies who have the authority and persmissions needed to visit the crime scene and take up cleaning and decontamination.

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