Dansk Antik Is One of Denmark’s Largest Online and Physical Markets for Antique Furniture and Home Décor Items


Hørve, Denmark (January 09, 2018) – Based in Hørve, Denmark, Dansk Antik is a well-known name for the retail of antique furniture and decor items for both residential and commercial interiors.

Browsing through Dansk Antik’s online store makes it quickly apparent that this retailer excels in the sale of flea market furniture in Denmark with an emphasis on quality and eye for great deals. Dansk Antik specializes in the retail of both mid century and modern furniture however it is the ability of these experts to source antique pieces of home décor and furniture that attracts a majority of buyers. As mentioned before; quality is a focus at Dansk Antik and their market is the best place to source furniture in durable wood like teak.

Dansk Antik is not only known for online retail but is popular locally for its 4000 sqm antiques and lifestyle market where locals shop for exquisite home items and home décor items with the assurance of value for money. Dansk Antik also excels in the import of furniture and décor items to multiple countries around the world with an emphasis on timely delivery and cost effectiveness. To know more about Dansk Antik, visit their website at http://www.dansk-antik.dk/

About Danish Antik:
Dansk Antik is a 4000 sqm antiques and lifestyle market and online retail store specializing in modern and mid century furniture with an emphasis on cheap deals and quality home essentials.

Media Contact:
Dansk Antik
Address: Ægholmvej 1-3, 4534 Hørve
Phone no: +45 50652222
E-mail: Kontakt@dansk-antik.dk
Website: http://www.dansk-antik.dk/


Dansk Antik is building a reputation for being one of the best online sources for antique furniture and interior décor items that can lend any interiors a touch of retro class. 

URL: http://www.dansk-antik.dk/


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