Custom Made Stainless Steel Vats

Stainless steel is extensively considered superior for durability, strength and hygiene. It is most preferred material in food preparation areas and commercial applications throughout the world. Vats are large tubs or tanks used to hold liquid, especially in industry. They can be made from custom made stainless steel. Stainless steel products especially vats for industries require craftsmanship and experience. Only a few stainless steel vat manufacturers offer quality custom made products and services.

Choosing a Custom Made Stainless Steel Vat Manufacturer

The ideal manufacturers of stainless steel products custom make stainless steel vats for a range of applications. They make stainless steel tanks for Pharmaceutical, Allied as well as Food and Dairy industries. Stainless steel vats are not manufactured in a similar manner. Some stainless steel fabricating companies use screws or rivets to fix their vat components together. This results in weak links in the vat. Besides, any of the screws and rivets used could potentially cause leakage and corrosion. These are important factors to consider when choosing a custom made stainless steel vat manufacturer.

A good stainless steel vat company ought to have a distinct way of spot welding the stainless steel vat parts together.

How a Good Stainless Fabricator/manufacturer helps

Quality stainless steel vat makers can help in designing new vats for the perfect fit. Alternatively, you may buy from a variety of manufactured vats to solve capacity requirements. Custom fabricated stainless steel vats and other stainless steel products can be made to your specifications that will fit perfectly in your home, industry or farm.

A good stainless steel vat maker provides quality stainless steel products such as versatile removable top tanks, enclosed top combination storage & fermentation tanks, open top fermenters, floating lid tanks with variable capacity, specialty tanks, bottling and storage tanks, portable tanks, blending & mixing tanks, heating and cooling panels of all sizes and shapes.

You can get the perfect sized vats with all you need in terms of ease of use, reliability and efficiency. A good stainless steel vat company should be able to make custom fabricated products for customer-specific applications. Additionally, you can choose to buy from a broad selection of ready vats.
The company should also help you in designing a perfect vat for your needs in desirable capacities.

Some Important Features to Look for in Stainless Steel Vats

There are many important features and factors you should consider before buying stainless steel vats from your chosen company.

• Knowledgeable design guidance
• Professionally crafted tanks
• Custom features and designs
• Friendly customer service
• Performance guarantees
• Removable tops and open top
• Quick and reasonable pricing
• Repairs and modifications
• Custom portable wine tanks
• Stainless winery equipment
• Special application tanks

Custom made stainless steel vats are important equipment in commercial, home and industrial use.

The best thing is that the stainless steel products can be made to suit your specifications. Hopefully, you will be able to choose a good company that will provide suitable custom made stainless steel vats.

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