Cork Flooring, The OTHER floor alternative, by The Dallas Floor Man

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Cork Flooring

One of the newer trends in flooring today is cork. Cork is great to pin mementos to, but many people have never considered it as a flooring option. Its an ideal flooring choice that is environmentally and family friendly. Read on to find out the benefits of cork flooring.

For the environmentally conscious, cork is perfect. Cork is a renewable resource. The bark of cork oak trees is harvested during its natural shedding time, making cork floors an environmentally friendly alternative.

Some people are apprehensive about cork, thinking it will look like a big cork board sprawled all across their floors. That is not the case. Cork is available today in a variety of stylish textures, patterns, and natural colors. There are numerous man made colors to choose from also, guaranteeing you will find the perfect pattern and color for your home.

Families love cork! It is low maintenance. Other than re-applying a polyurethane coat every 5-10 years, regular sweeping and occasional light mopping is all thats required. Cork has a bit of cushion to it, making it ideal for little ones toddling about. Its also great for the cook in your family as it reduces fatigued feet and muscles. Cork doesnt dent or mark, and can withstand high pressure, always returning to its original shape.

Cork is also naturally insulated, and it wont ever get too cold. Its also sound resistant, ideal for families with crazy kids like ours. Cork is anti-allergenic, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial, perfect for anyone in your home with allergies.

While there are numerous reasons to choose cork, there are a few drawbacks we should consider. Cork will absorb moisture, so you cant dump large amounts of water on your floors. This includes mopping, be sure to not drench your floors. If your floors are in direct sunlight they will discolor over time. Damaged floors are not as easy to fix. If you do happen to put a gouge in your flooring, you wont be able to repair it.

With that in mind, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. There are many benefits to choosing cork floors, and it just may be the ideal flooring for your home.


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