31202Connected Camera Solutions Improve Visibility for Fleet Vehicles

There is no denying that fleet managing can be a tricky job at times. There’s a constant pressure to make sure everything is delivered where it needs to be and in good time. But the worst case scenarios (that one must consider) involve accidents, and then the bureaucracy of insurance claims and accident reports that inevitably follow. Not to mention the safety concern for those drivers actually doing the courier jobs.

However, in good news,technology is providing a workable answer to the “blindness” that fleet operators suffer from, sitting in their offices far away from the drivers on the road. The latest solution comes from Intelligent Telematics, one of the leading connected vehicle camera companies in the country.

While the name makes them sound a little like a Silicon Valley start-up, the concept behind their latest product is actually brilliantly simple. The new SureCam system allows for fleet vehicles to be constantly monitored by those back in the depot or office. This means that any road incidents – like collisions, near misses and driving errors – are visually recorded and then stored digitally.

This kind of data is gold dust fordisputed liability and other insurance disagreements, because the fleet manager and driver have hard evidence of what caused an accident – and the camera doesn’t lie.

How does the SureCam system work?

A 24/7 call centre monitors all incoming alerts and reviews anything that gets flagged up by the on-board vehicle camera. Each alert is graded, according to severity, and then a report is sent by email to an agreed list of contacts. The whole process happens within a remarkable 30 minutes.

Intelligent Telematics use up-to-date technology that allows for High Definition videos to be logged and immediately transmitted via mobile technology. And, unlike other similar products in the marketplace, the videos are automatically uploaded to a secure server network.

How can it help you?

The speed of this process allows fleet and operations managers to quickly make sure of the drivers safety, and then set in motion the relevant insurance claims – if they are necessary. The camera captures (and stores) the footage of accidents and traffic incidents to help back up the insurance claims, allowing for better accident reports. They’re able to furnish operators with a detailed overview, meaning that all parties can move on from sticky issues without getting bogged down in legal arguments.

Why is it necessary?

This kind of software ensures drivers can carry out their courier jobs with greater peace of mind, knowing they have everything on camera and recorded should proof be needed for insurance purposes. This rich data resource makes resolving potential disputes so much more straightforward than they have been in the past – thus time-consuming irritations of false driving allegations and fraudulent insurance claims can be dismissed immediately.

Ultimately it is a solution that will save money, time and credibility.

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