Common Grounds Building The Dream Cafe

Franchise opportunities exist well into the hundreds, some cost very little time and effort to get off the ground, and others require a much more substantial investment of time and money. When it comes to tried and true franchise options, however, coffee shops offer a unique blend of quaint comfort and rapid return on investment. Whether you’re opening a Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Einstein Bros., or any other nationally recognized brand of java, there are a few things to consider when creating the ideal atmosphere for your clients to enjoy.

View the Room Through the Eyes of Your Customer

Plenty of Comfortable Seating In addition to finding the ideal location for your cafe, complete with ample parking and easy entry to the parking lot, it’s wise to ensure the location itself offers plenty of room for comfortable seating arrangements. Customers like to have options between individual tables and cozy seating areas where they can spread out with their friends. The overall feel should be inviting, warm and robust, just like a great cup of coffee.

Interesting Reading Material Include specialty magazines which showcase the unique events happening in your neighborhood. Celebrate the local community by spreading the word of events, concerts, and theatrical shows. People who frequent coffee shops tend to be loyal clients that become creatures of habit, sometimes the only way they become aware of community offerings is by seeing the bulletins you make available to them while enjoying your establishment.

Eclectic Music Selection An eclectic music selection which includes standard favorites and unique offerings from around the world really gives a small cafe a hip and inviting ambiance. The music selection at a cafe often determines the sort of clientele which eventually becomes regular customers, the more broad the selection, the more diverse the clients.

Convenient Bathrooms Some customers spend several hours at a time in a coffee shop, taking advantage of the WiFi and the delicious java. Make sure to provide clean, convenient bathrooms for your customers. There’s nothing worse than waiting in line for a single, unisex bathroom to open up, don’t subject your precious customers to this sort of torment.

Education and Tours As people become more educated about the direct relationship between food and good health they also become more concerned with the origins of what they consume. Take advantage of this curiosity by offering educational workshops and restaurant tours. Clients can sign up for these regularly scheduled events and pay a small fee to learn something new about their favorite morning brew.

Time to Make the Donuts

When it comes to opening a successful coffee shop franchise, or any other sort of franchise for that matter, it’s important to remember that there’s always an opportunity to make the place uniquely your own while still maintaining the common theme that’s prevalent from one chain location to the next. Whether it’s the genuine warmth and hospitality of your employees, or the impeccable cleanliness of your cafe, take pride in your business and always lead by example. There’s always work to be done, so don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and work right alongside your employees to make your business great.

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