After nearly a year of preparations, the first European Human Sexuality Master Class (EHSMC) sponsored by China, Netherlands and France for promoting the multi-culture exchange between China and Europe came to a successful end on February 14, 2018 and has draw extensive attention from the parties concerned.

This study tour is themed by experiencing the most professional and cutting-edge sexual education worldwide and the destinations include Netherlands, a country with the most advanced sexual education and France, a nation of romance and fashion. Combined with the official sexual education consulting certification program in Netherlands, the trainees had academic exchange with internationally famous sexuality experts and college professors over the sexuality research courses at a top European university, and also appreciated thoroughly natural landscape, cultural customs and artistic achievements in Netherlands and France to feel the multicultural charm of the colorized Europe.

The trainees appreciated thoroughly multicultural charm of the colorized Europe: experienced the working scenario of window girls in Netherlands

After 10-day study tour, trainees expressed that this study tour afforded them an opportunity to experience the cutting-edge sexual education and multi-culture worldwide deeply, and reshaped the brand-new recognition of the life value. And they looked forward to the better and deeper experience in the future.

Mr. Huang Jun, founder of Beijing Qisimiaoxiang Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., also Chinese sponsor of the this EHSMC, said that the study tour course of this kind would be staged regularly in the future and the second EHSMC is scheduled to be opened in June, 2018.

Company Name: Beijing Qisimiaoxiang Cultural communication Co.,Ltd
Contact Person: Jun huang
Address: Beijing chaoyang dongbaxiang dongxiaojing chanyeyuan 205-F-1142, Beijing, China
Tele: 86-18957111770


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