Colored Diamonds – Natural vs. Enhanced

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friends!” This phrase is so true and there can be no woman who can have enough of sparkling jewelry. Since the beginning of times, this amazing stone is loved for its beautiful brilliance and star like sparkle. Not only this but, its long life and hardness make it a durable stone. People generally associate it with their love and hence, it has become the most preferred stone when it comes to the engagement rings.

Though, these gems are loved for their starry luster, but the inclination of people’s choice is moving towards the floral colors of this stone. These days, people are having craze for the fancy diamonds (colored). The color of the stone is due to the presence of the impurities when it is being formed. We all know that they are formed due to extreme heat and pressure under the earth’s crust and when impurities seep in and they get attached to the carbon forming the rock, the different colors are imparted to the stone. The natural color diamonds are very valuable and no two of them can be identical. It is because of this uniqueness and rareness, that they have such a high price.

Seeing this rarity of natural colored stones and people’s growing craze for them, the scientists and the jewelers have managed to produce the colored diamonds in the laboratories as well. This has greatly helped in supply of these fancy stones for jewelry and they are made so fine that it is almost impossible for a naked eye to make out the difference between the two. Their crystals are prepared in lab in controlled pressure and heat.

There are many methods which are used to give color to the pieces in the lab. We will have a look at some of them.

• The most common and cost effective way is this one. Here, the colorless diamonds of not a high quality are treated and given color in the lab. The color can be any and the outcome of the treatment is a beautifully sparkling stone in fancy colors. Many jewelers across the globe use these stones to set into their jewelry. People love to wear the rings, earrings, necklaces, etc. which bear lab created diamonds in them. People love them for their low pricing as compared to the natural color diamonds.

• Another method and most commonly used one is growing them in the laboratory. These are also called “Cultured Diamonds”. Same conditions of heat and pressure are developed in the lab so that the stone with exactly similar chemical and physical properties is developed. It is very difficult even for professional people with years of experience to tell the difference between a natural or cultured diamond with the naked eye. Only after viewing it under the lab instruments that they can make out which one is what. People love these for their rarity and brilliance.

Though, the kinds of diamonds are widely used in jewelry and people like to possess them, yet it is advised to be careful while shopping for them. One should be well aware about which type of diamond he is purchasing, as it will affect the overall cost of the jewelry!

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