Co-Founder of BTCC Linkeyang Launches the ICOCOIN Platform

September 07, 2017 – The team of ICOCOIN is dedicated to most block chain investors and digital currency to offer a transparent, honest, safe and fair trading platform. The platform is based on a deep knowledge of the blockchain and digital money industries, and abides by the idea of centralization.

This is a smart, one-stop trading service platform. The platform concentrates on global block chain assets, and aggregates the entire superior currencies to the coin trading platform of ICO. ICOCOIN develops ICOBI for supporting the global ICO project, and every transaction and chip.

The ICOCOIN platform is chosen carefully, and brings stable and safe varieties of investment to users. The mission of the platform is to offer Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Its objective is to allow the acceptance of ICO coins as B & Three currencies and ICO coins. The majority of tokens in the chain of chain assets are developed on concept projects. ICO coins refer to the tokens that enforce the project.

ICO supports all types of projects for raising coins. ICOCOIN attempts to use ICO coins as a type of block-chain assets. The team that has founded the platform has 6 years of experience in managing block chain trading platform and digital assets. This shared platform, an innovative one, has been designed and developed to implement digital currency and cross stocks between free trade.

A trading platform for block chain and digital money, ICOCOIN (ICOBI) has been launched by the team of Yang Linke to concentrate on chain asset network. A team with a lot of experience in block chain industry and digital currency has established it. The Co founder of BTCC Linkeyang is the founder of ICOCOIN.

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