Christmas is the most exciting time of the year for many people. Often, people look forward to decorating for Christmas all year long. When the time finally comes to decorate, most people break out their Christmas lights and decorations, turning the inside and outside of their house into a Christmas wonderland.

With both indoor and outdoor lights, people often make their house stand out from the neighbors. Christmas lights can be strung around a window or serve as an illuminated curtain. Icicle lights and candle lights are also popular choices when it comes to decorating for Christmas.

Many people choose silhouette lights to decorate the outside of their house. Light up fake Christmas trees are often found on lawns throughout the holiday season. Festoon lights provide a simple way to decorate the outside of a house without going overboard and possibly turning the house into an eyesore for neighbors and anyone who passes by.

Once the Christmas lights are up indoors and outdoors most people concentrate on placing decorations throughout their house to spread Christmas cheer. Indoor wreaths, tree decorations, garlands, village scenes and table decorations are commonly used. Many people create an entire Christmas village using various plaster made houses decorated in great detail. These little village houses usually allow people to illuminate them by placing a small light bulb in the included socket, which is found in a place where it is not visible once the Christmas village is set up for the season.

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