Choosing The Best Treadmill Running Machine

All professional runners understand that there are 4 main aspects of choosing the best equipment for treadmill running, and it is a delicate process. Running takes a toll on the human body if it is done incorrectly, even though it offers many advantages. Pressure on ligaments and joints have the potential for causing serious injuries when training isn’t done in moderation.

What is it that makes any running machine one that can earn the title as the best treadmill running machine? To begin with, it must be a device that will support constant use with its strength and stand up to the force and stress placed on it while in use.

Next, one must understand the 4 elements of a running machine that make it the best treadmill on the market out of all those on the market. The motor, belt, deck and cushioning are those 4 elements.


For long-term treadmill running, it is vital that the motor be strong and well built. A good motor will not suddenly shut off, which has happened at times with cheaper models having unreliable motors. This can cause injury from the accidents that follow. A quality motor should deliver a minimum of 2.5 horsepower and come with a lifetime warranty.


The belt should be a minimum of 20 inches wide and 55 inches in length to accommodate any running style. It should also be constructed of non-slippery material, because once you have begun running there should be no possibility that you will slip and fall.


The deck should be strong enough to resist all the pounding to which it will be subjected.


The cushioning of a treadmill is an important aspect of any treadmill to consider, and it should be high enough quality to offer users protection against the large amount of pressure coming from movements. This will reduce any negative effects it might have on ligaments and joints.

Some manufacturers of treadmills include entertainment options such as web browsers and TVs along with music player docks on their machines. Those who wish to keep up with how far they run and the time it took will enjoy the addition of fitness tracking tools, as well.

Before purchasing a treadmill running machine, take the time to do adequate research. Become an informed consumer, but be aware that you can become overwhelmed with large amounts of information. To prevent confusion, consider getting a recommendation from a trainer at a local gym.

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