Chengyi Electronics Offers the Best PCB and Circuit Board Products for the Global Market

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Zhejiang Province, China, (October 22, 2017) – Chengyi Electronics (Jiaxing) CO., LTD is one of the leading solely invested enterprises based in Hong Kong located in the Jiaxing city of Zhejiang province. Established in 1987, Chengyi Electronics (Jiaxing) CO., LTD is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of high grade circuit board systems that are used in various industries. The company occupies a total area of 55000㎡ with 29000㎡ of overall building area which focuses on manufacturing, developing and selling of high density rigid PCB units with double, single and multilayer components. The PCB board products offered by Chengyi Electronics (Jiaxing) CO., LTD are used extensively in various sectors such as industrial controllers, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, medical machineries and intelligent terminals. The main customers of Chengyi Electronics (Jiaxing) CO., LTD include Bosch, LG, Delta, UTC, IMI and Siemens. The annual sales achieved by Chengyi Electronics (Jiaxing) CO., LTD exceed the mark of 400 million CNY.

Being in this industry for more than the last 30 years, Chengyi Electronics (Jiaxing) CO., LTD has perfected the technical skills needed to create state of the art bare PCB and PWB products. The company has also seized all the growth opportunities and adopted a unique management strategy to diversify their products and connect the industry chain both from upstream as well as downstream that in turn enhanced their market competitiveness. Currently the PCBs designed and developed by Chengyi Electronics (Jiaxing) CO., LTD are used in international markets like USA, Mexico, Italy, Bulgaria and India.

About Chengyi Electronics (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd:
Chengyi Electronics (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd is a leading producer and supplier of top end PCB products for the international markets.

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Chengyi Electronics (Jiaxing) CO., LTD is a Chinese company that offers an extensive line of top end PCB and circuit boards for international customers.   

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