Chef Habiba Chowdhury Conducts the Cookery Classes through My Curry Club to Teach Indian Cuisine


Northwich, Cheshire (July 17, 2018) – Cooking brings in a whole lot of excitement for those, who wish to experiment. Raised in Ilford, East London, Chef Habiba Chowdhury had a great attraction towards cooking right from her childhood. Now, she is living in Northwich and her desire is to help people interested in cooking multi-cultural dishes to learn the home foods and even family cooking secrets.

With this intention, she has started My Curry Club. She wants people to learn a new skill. With her classes, they will understand spices and they will be introduced to fresh flavour dishes that they never tried in restaurants. In fact, the restaurants never serve the dishes that she teaches.

She wants authentic food enthusiasts to expand their choices more than a menu and this is one of the important intentions behind My Curry Club. This club holds the pride of being the first focused Indian cookery school across Cheshire with clients expanding to Liverpool.

She calls cooking enthusiasts “Discover the true Indian food offers. Explore the authentic flavours and experience tastes that eating out just can’t”. She is known for her one-one relaxed, fun and interactive cooking classes. She constantly launches new and exclusive classes and events to help people learn different dishes. Of course, they can taste them as well.

Be it novice, intermediate or experienced cook, he/she will get help from her classes. She teaches to food lovers, mothers and professional chefs to name a few. In other words, taking part in her classes is the new idea not just to cook, but also save money. Most importantly, the learners will pick up a life skill.

About My Curry Club:
My Curry Club delivers cooking classes through creative experts with more than 20 years of cooking experience. The school offers the support and the tools essential to help students attain the full cooking potential.

For more information, please visit

My Curry Club
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The Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine has followers from across the world. To help them learn how to cook the mouth-watering dishes from these Cuisines, Chef Habiba Chowdhury conducts the best cookery classes.




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