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Looking to sweep your significant other off their feet with a surprise getaway? We’d highly recommend a barge holiday to Holland aboard the luxurious Panache. There’s nothing more romantic than winding down Dutch waterways and journeying alongside the stunning flower-filled fields and culturally abundant towns. You’ll see that this small country has so much to offer, providing many romantic destinations along its canals. Here are a few of our recommended love-spots that will make your partner swoon.

Discover Leiden On a Romantic Bike Tour for Two

The historical university town of Leiden boasts an array of typically Dutch townhouses, along with beautifully crafted stone bridges and an intricate canal system. It is a picturesque village that can be explored either on foot or, if you want to experience it like a local, by bike. You can borrow two bicycles provided by the barge holiday crew and explore the town on two wheels. There is a tree-lined towpath that you can safely cycle along, which will take you on your romantic tour for two.

Let Your Love Blossom in Keukenhof Gardens

You can’t go on a barge holiday to Holland and not stop off at the infamous gardens of Keukenhof. Its vast and stunning floral displays will take your breath away. The park changes theme every year, and in 2018 it chose to be inspired by the phrase “Romance in Flowers”. It was then that a huge number of dedicated gardeners planted the seeds of 50,000 crocus, grape hyacinth and, of course, tulip bulbs back in autumn. You can now witness the stunning floral mosaic that has been created by these blossoming and colourful flowers.

The very picture of spring, Keukenhof, with its appropriately-named Love Paradise and Cupid Garden, is the perfect place to stroll hand-in-hand with your partner or share a romantic kiss. Why limit flowers to a small bouquet on Valentine’s Day when you can offer them a whole parade?

Let Your Hearts Beat to the Organ’s Song in St Bavo’s Cathedral

If music is the food of love, then you won’t want to miss a visit to St Bavo’s Cathedral in Haarlem, as it houses the impressive Müller organ. A 30m-high instrument that climbs the entire west wall of the cathedral, the organ boasts meticulous decorations that render it a truly awe-inspiring edifice.

An array of famous musicians has played its keys, including Handel in 1740 and 1750, as well as the ten-year-old Mozart in 1766. With a bit of luck, you may be on your barge holiday visiting the Cathedral while an experienced organist fills the edifice with uplifting notes and plays a song that will melt your heart.

If you’re ready for your romantic adventure to begin, don’t wait to organise your barge holiday in Holland. A cruise down Holland’s waterways is the perfect treat for you and your partner, providing an array of lovely activities that you can experience as a couple.

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