Centricity Picture Archiving And Communication System (CAPS)

The Centricity suite of IT medical software solutions from GE contains 27 software packages that are popular in a variety of medical applications, including practice management, revenue cycle management, medical imaging, and electronic medical records. Some of the most popular medical software in the Centricity suite of products include Centricity Business, Centricity EMR, Centricity Practice Solution, Centricity Picture Archiving, and Communication system and Centricity Archive.

Centricity Picture Archiving and Communication System (CAPS)

This system designed by GE healthcare is powerful software available for radiologists. The workspace available as part of this software comes with user-friendly tools and options ideally suited for radiologists taking images and processing data based on the image captured. It comes with a number of user-friendly features.


Some of the prominent features available in CAPS include:

• A Single Vendor Dictation System with the capability to integrate with 3rd party dictation systems

• A wide range of mammography tools including tools that are meant for screening and tools for controlling the diagnostic workflow

• Hanging protocols that provide complete access to the patient jacket

• Capability to assign real-time work lists

• User-configurable hot keys

• Capabilities for supporting MPR, 3D and PET/CT systems for oncology applications and provides support for angiography

• Integration with EMR solution providing real-time access to continuity of care services during the interpretation state

• Web-based clients to help radiologists and clinical specialists to engage in remote diagnosis

• Access to the application through IOS based Apple smart phones and Android based mobile devices

• Support for a wide enrage of reports including ER discrepancy and Clinical Decision support systems

• Scalable architecture that can be adopted for a community hospital, as well as disparate RIS systems

• Presence of a single PACS database for supporting multiple medical facilities with disparate RIS systems

• Support for server Virtualization using VMware

• Architecture that can support a variety of protocols, including DICOM, HL-7 and XDS

Universal Viewer is a recent addition to PACS software. It helps radiologists in improving their workflow efficiency by providing a wide range of advanced study layouts, multiple presentation states, 2D stack based reading tools, and an integrated view of 3D reconstructions. Universal viewer provides access to all the data and services that are available. As this viewer is web-based, users can access the data and the workflow from anywhere in the world.

IDX/GE Consultants provide the require set up and training needed for physicians and radiologists to start using the software, including the Universal Viewer. The consultants also look at the possibility of customizing the available services within the GE PACS system, so that the end users – radiologists and physicians – can find system functionality much more close to their expectations. IDX/GE Consultants have considerable experiencing in implementing PACS training roll-outs in medical facilities and radiology centers. This therefore makes the system a well-rounded and impressive stable of the medical world that is continuing to innovate and improve as new developments are added to the system.

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