CCAMLR Science Stands the Best Peer-Reviewed Annual Journal for Antarctic Marine Living Resources


(Sept 02, 2019) – Environmental enthusiasts these days are insisting on the rational used of marine living resources. The reason is that they indirectly contribute a lot to the conservation of the environment. To help people interested in marine life a lot, CCAMLR Science stands the best peer-reviewed annual journal.

The journal related to conservation of the resources living in the Antarctic is published by CCAMLR Science platform once in a year. This platform is provided with articles pertaining to the science that supports not just rational use, but also the conservation of resources that live in the ocean.

The main subject areas in which articles are published in the CCAMLR Science platform includes animal & plant science, fisheries, biological sciences, agricultural sciences, systematics and behaviour, evolution, ecology and aquatic science.

The platform says “Papers published in the journal cover numerous disciplines, including the biology and ecology of marine species, their population dynamics, ecological interactions and various issues of fishery economics and management. Contributions are welcomed from leading scholars in the field. Guest editors are on occasion invited to edit special issues on particular themes.”

About CCAMLR Science:
The expansion of CCAMLR Science is Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources. As the name implies, the purpose of this platform is to preserve marine life.

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Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources

Marine living resources play a major role in conserving the environment. So, CCAMLR Science is dedicated to publishing journals concerning these resources to help those interested.



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