26658Caring for Your Neoprene Bikini

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When it comes to sportswear like sports bikini, wetsuits and other surfing clothes, few fabrics can compete with the popularity of Neoprene. This is because Neoprene is one of those resistant fabrics that can not only withstand a lot of stress and activity, but it is also resistant to the changing temperatures of water as well as the corrosive effect of its salinity. Today, more and more sports clothing companies as well as well-known fashion designers are turning to Neoprene for a more sustainable, tough and ready to use line of products. So, today, we take a look at how you can care for your neoprene bikini.

When it comes to washing a neoprene bikini, you cannot throw it into a washing machine unlike what you do with the rest of your sports bikini. Neoprene cannot withstand the tumbling and tearing inside a washing machine. Hence, you have to carefully and individually wash it with your hands. You can always wash it in your bathtub, but remember to wash it only using cold water. Constant exposure to warm water will compromise the integrity of the fabric.

If there is a stubborn stain on your Neoprene bikini, which is possible considering that salt water tends to do that more often than not, just take mild lukewarm water and sprinkle it just on that spot. Then proceed to rub it lightly until the spot becomes light. Then, you can wash your neoprene bikini in cold water as you usually do.

When it comes to drying your Neoprene gear and clothing, air is your best friend. Trust us when we say this, nothing shortens the lifespan of your favourite Neoprene sports bikini quite like the heat and high temperature does. You see, basically neoprene is a derivative of rubber, and true to any form of rubber, it melts with heat, no matter how slowly. So, after you are done cleaning and pimping your suit or bikini, we suggest that you put it on a hanger so that it is stretched out nice and easy, and then put it outside in a shady area to dry naturally.

But what to do if you suddenly find a hole or a random tear in your Neoprene bikini or suit? Well, for occasions like these, there is a thing called Neoprene cement. Of course, carefully follow the instructions when you are using the Neoprene cement on your bikini and other water wear, but we highly suggest that if you are a rookie at this, then you take it to a professional. But at the end of the day, if the tear or the hole is too big, then even the Neoprene cement cannot fix it, and we suggest that you go out and get a new one, and of course, be a little more careful with this one.

If you are travelling somewhere and have to pack your neoprene bikini set, then under no circumstances should you fold it, because then it will develop permanent creases, and a tear will gradually start forming along those creases and it will also affect the fabric’s insulation properties. You have to separately roll the two bikini pieces, and we suggest that you pack them in a different gear bag, separate from the rest of your clothing.

A Neoprene sports bikini is a good investment, and as a piece of gear, it is something that can last you a long time if you take care of it properly. Unlike normal fabrics, a neoprene bikini cannot be washed, dried or even carried in the normal way.

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