California Gas Suppliers: Glacial Energy and Spark Energy

There are quite a few natural gas suppliers in the state of California. Glacial Energy is one of several natural gas suppliers regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission. Unlike some other natural gas companies that service customers in California, Glacial Energy is based in the state. The company has been expanding its reach out of state, making it one of the fastest growing retail energy suppliers in the United States. The list of customers for Glacial Energy in the state of California includes residences and small businesses as well as commercial, industrial and even institutional entities. The company actually provides gas to Pacific Gas & Electric for its commercial customers.

California customers must live in certain areas of the state to receive the natural gas supply from Glacial Energy. Because of deregulation in the recent past in the state of California, the natural gas industry in the state has been divided into three different areas. Those areas are the production of natural gas, supplying natural gas and the delivery of the natural gas. Glacial Energy is of course involved in supplying natural gas to customers, which is finally delivered by the customers local utility company. This freedom allows residential and small business customers the freedom of choosing the gas supplier of their preference. The end result is that customers have more choice, which leads to increased competition. This competition leads to lower natural gas prices across the state and better customer service since customers can drop their natural gas supplier and choose another at any time.

Because customers utility company takes care of the delivery of the natural gas, customers must contact their utility company in certain scenarios and Glacial Energy in others. If there are problems with no natural gas or sporadic flow, as well as the odor of natural gas in or around a building, the utility company is the one to contact and ask for assistance. The utility company is also responsible for reading customers natural gas meters every month. When customers have a question about their bill or they need to make changes to their account, they should contact Glacial Energy directly

According to the company, Glacial Energy uses a streamlined business model instead of a large and complex organization to supply natural gas to its customers. The companys structure relies heavily on back office infrastructure to provide support to its residential, commercial, industrial and institutional customers. This simpler and more straightforward organizational structure means that Glacial Energy operates with less overhead. With lower operating costs, the company can provide more competitive prices to its customers. The company also claims that its unique structure allows it to comply with even the most unique requests from customers, especially larger ones.

Because Glacial Energy does not produce its own natural gas, it can shop for the best rates in the marketplace. The company shops for the best prices among a variety of natural gas providers instead of being locked into one pricing structure like natural gas companies that receive their gas from only one source. Not only does this mean the company can deliver more competitive pricing which translates into savings for its customers, but it can also provide customizable terms and conditions for customers of varying sizes, instead of just a single plan that hopefully works for customers in a variety of scenarios.

Unlike some natural gas suppliers, Glacial Energy only focuses on supplying energy to its various customers. And unlike other companies that have their hand in various business ventures, Glacial Energy has the time to dedicate to servicing larger natural gas customers with very specific needs, such as large organizations.

Glacial Energy was founded in 2006

As stated before, Glacial Energy has been spreading across the United States at a rapid rate. The natural gas supplier currently operates in the District of Columbia and twenty states, including California. These states include Delaware, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Main, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia. The company also provides both natural gas and electricity through over fifty different utility delivery companies in those states.

Glacial Energy is not only a natural gas supplier but also an electricity supplier both in California and in the other areas where it provides natural gas services.

Spark Energy is a natural gas supplier in the state of California. The company provides natural gas for residential and commercial customers of varying sizes. Like many other natural gas suppliers, Spark Energy is able to tailor its services to customers with specialized needs, such as large organizations. And remember that Spark Energy supplies the natural gas, which is delivered by the local utility company. Another company that provides both natural gas and electricity in the state is Spark Energy.

Over ten years ago Spark Energy was founded as an energy company. Today the company supplies natural gas to customers in over sixteen states. The company cites its in-house customer service department as one thing that makes it unique when compared to other natural gas suppliers. Some of the companys customer service oriented programs include the Spark Standard 12, which is an even payment program where customers pay the same amount for their natural gas for twelve months in a row. Another plan, called the Spark Standard Fastrack, allows customers with the even payment program convert their payment to a variable plan within their first two months of service. On top of that, both of these plans can be canceled at any time without any penalty fees

Both Glacial Energy and Spark Energy not only provide natural gas to customers across California, but they also are involved in community outreach events. The companies help sponsor various community events as well as contribute funds for fundraisers. Spark even offers an Affinity Program that allows organizations that join to even share in the companys revenue, receive discounted rates that help the organizations save on their energy costs and participate in community events along with Spark Energy.

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