Cabochons and Their Uses

Cabochons are a type of material used in making jewelry that is cut using a convex design. These jewelry making items are flat at the bottom and have an ellipse shape or oval shape at the top. Such a way of cutting gems and stones is done on opaque material. You will find that manufacturers use soft gems or stones in these materials so as to avoid damage by scratching.

You will find that many jewelry pieces are made using faceted stones or beads. However, cabochons are not faceted. They still shine because manufacturers ensure they are highly polished when cutting them. They use opaque gems instead of translucent ones to hide any imperfections such as cracks within the stone that occur during cutting.

– Origin of cabs and their uses

Cabochons get their name from the French word “caboche.” They are also called “cabs” which is a short form of their name. The most important part of these cabs is the bottom part, which should always be flat so as to enable the designer to fix it onto a setting. Some use adhesives to set cabs while other use bezels. Whichever method is used to set the gem; it is important that the cab is secure.

Cabochons are often used in settings to make pendants, rings, and brooches. The setting is formed to hold the cabochon in place as these gems do not have holes. Since they do not have holes, you cannot string cord or wire through them to make jewelry. So, you have to make settings using various materials that hold the gems in place.

– Setting cabs the right way

These cab settings are often made of high-quality metal such as gold and silver in attractive designs. The way the setting is formed can bring out the beauty of the stone or hide it. Hence, it’s always important to choose the best material for the setting that compliments the gems you are using.

If you are adventurous, you don’t have to use cabs to create jewelry only. You can also use these items on cloth or leather as a decoration. It is important to use unyielding adhesive in such cases so as to keep the cabs in place. You can use such a method to decorate turbans with an eye-catching gem. You can also stick cabs on leather straps to make unique jewelry. There are so many ways to use cabs apart from making jewelry.

Although it’s popular to see cabochons made from gems stones, you will also find them in a variety of simple materials. The materials get their name from their shape and not from the rocks used to make them. Hence, you can find them made of plastic, acrylic, and even bone. These developments have come as people experiment with different materials and shapes.

– Buy cabs online

You can purchase cabochons from reliable online vendors at affordable prices. It’s good to buy your gems online as you get a wide selection to choose from and great discounts. These merchants can also deliver your purchases to your home or workshop. Online shopping saves time and money for any jewelry maker. So why not place an order today!

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Author: Aronno Bhowmick