Buying Gemstone Pendants Wholesale

Gemstones are stones from the earth such as diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, etc. that you incorporate into some jewelry pieces like brooches and pendants. These gemstones are popularly used owing to their color, hardness and clarity, symbolic meaning and healing properties of some types. Gemstone pendants are widely available at the jewelry stores. If you are looking for good quality stones, you will most likely find them priced expensively. However, there are places where you can go and find high grade gemstones through the wholesale dealers; and the prices here are just a fraction of the retail prices.

You can buy gemstone pendants from online gemstone dealers, through online auctions, or directly from gemstone wholesalers using your Resale Permit and Business License.

1. To buy from online gemstone dealers, you need to browse through the many websites on the internet. These dealers sell to the public quality gemstones at wholesale prices. Then choose a vendor or two to deal with, those who are able to present a detailed description and clear pictures of the stones. Your chosen dealer should offer a certificate of authenticity of the stones, also a return policy that guarantees to return your money if you find the stones not meeting your satisfaction.

2. To buy through online auction sites, you need to see the listings on these sites, as using these sites to buy your gemstone pendants will involve bidding. However, before you place your bid, check the sellers reputation first. Read feedbacks posted by previous buyers. The listing should also be reviewed carefully; make sure that the sellers can offer a certificate of authenticity for the gemstones offered for bidding. The other guidelines with respect to clear photographs and detailed description of gemstone pendants are the same as when you buy from an online dealer.

3. To buy directly from gemstone pendant wholesalers, you need to show to them your Resale Permit and Business License. If you have not yet got these documents, you can apply to obtain them at the Department of Revenue of your state. You should obtain these even if your business is not related to jewelry, because this permit and license are required by wholesalers before they decide to do business with you. Quality gemstone pendants will be offered to you at wholesale prices, if you have these documents. The same process as the number 1 and 2 above will apply with respect to photographs and descriptions of the gemstones too. These sites should also have catalogs that you can view and make your choices from there.

Perhaps you are concerned with the pricing of gemstone pendants on all websites and are wondering what makes the difference. When you look at them, it seems to you that they have similar features, but then, why one stone is priced higher than the others? This will not be an issue to someone with an experts eye. These people can easily see the difference, also there are some factors that affect the pricing of gemstone pendants.

These factors include
(1) the quality of the gemstone and other materials used in the pendants
(2) the uniqueness and complexity of the design and
(3) the quality of workmanship.

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