Buying Diamond: Smart Buys for Smart People

Shopping for diamonds require not just a big budget but also some smart buying techniques that can give you that extra edge. This article will help you in buying diamonds smartly.

The four Cs of Diamond

The diamonds are graded on the basis of four factors that are commonly referred to as the four Cs, Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. A good knowledge about these factors will help you in making the right decision when it comes to shopping diamonds as these sparkling gems dont come in cheap.

What is a Carat?

Diamond is weighed in carats and the carat weight expresses how much a diamond weighs. If we compare carat with grams the standard unit of weight, a metric “carat” can be defined as 200 milligrams.

Further on each carat is subdivided into 100 ‘points.’ It is done to facilitate a very precise measurement of diamonds to the hundredth decimal place. So for smaller diamonds the jeweler can describe the weight by its ‘points’. Take for example a 0.25 carat diamond can be referred to as ‘twenty-five pointer.’ For diamonds that weigh more than a carat the weight is expressed in carats and decimals. So, a diamond that is 8 points over one carat is written as 1.08 carat stone and described as ‘one point oh eight carats.’

What is the Clarity?

Clarity is another important factor influencing the value of a diamond. To determine the clarity, gem-experts view the stone under 10-power (10X) magnification and see if there are any inclusions. All natural diamonds have inclusions or blemishes on the surface and they are a natural “birthmarks.” Though all diamonds have these flaws but if they are fewer and smaller, they will interfere less with light passage through the diamond. So, the beauty of these diamonds is exponentially enhanced.

The clarity is classified using these eleven grades:

FL is for Flawless, IF is for Internally Flawless, VVS1 and VVS2 is are for Very, Very Slightly Included, VS1 and VS2 is for Very Slightly Included, SI1 and SI2 is for Slightly Included and finally I1, I2 and I3 stands for Imperfect.

So, for better understanding flawless diamonds are those that show no blemishes or inclusions when examined by a skilled and experienced grader under 10X magnifications while I-grade diamonds are the ones that contain inclusions which are obvious to a trained grader under 10x magnification, sometimes these inclusion can be easily seen face-up with the unaided eye, seriously affect the stone’s potential durability, or are so numerous they affect transparency and brilliance.

What is the Color?

Evaluation of color in diamonds is based on the absence of color or we can say a chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond has no hue. So the highly valued diamond will be like a drop of pure water. D-to-Z diamond color-grading system of Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA) measures the degree of colorlessness by comparing a stone under controlled lighting and precise viewing conditions.

What is the Cut

We all like the diamonds for their sparkle and which is due to their ability to transmit light. It is the cut that really affects how well a diamond’s facets will interact with light. Precise artistry and workmanship are required to fashion a stone so its proportions, symmetry, and polish deliver the magnificent return of light.

How to shop smartly

Now in case of diamonds some weights are considered “magic sizes” which are half carat, three-quarter carat, and one carat. If we see visually, there is hardly any difference between a 0.99 carat diamond and a full carat diamond but the price differences can be significant. So, if you are smart you will buy a 0.99 carat diamond and can pass it off as a one carat because only an expert will be able to spot the difference.

An well known jewelry store is soon launching diamond studs in this non-magical range that are a true smart buy.

Jewelry buying and care requires proper understanding of the nature of the gemstone and the setting. If you love the things that sparkle you are at the right place because I love to write about all the things that glitter. As a Content Writer working for an online jewelry store that deals in diamond and birthstone jewelry  like natural diamond jewelry, I have a good knowledge about this subject and I love to share it with all the jewelry enthusiasts. My articles will cover the latest information about the ever changing trends in the jewelry industry and various domains associated with fashion and lifestyles.

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