Buying a Mercedes 190 sl

Classic cars have never lost their charm and grace in todays car market. With more engineering advancements happening by the day, car manufacturers are in a stiff fight with their competitors in keeping up with the customers expectation. One such manufacturer who has been regarded as one of the pioneers in the luxury car industry is Mercedes. And there was this crown jewel from them in the early 50s, the Mercedes 190 SL.

Touted to be the fastest and most advanced automobile of those times, the 190 SL churned out an impressive 180 PS which is regarded as a milestone. Now, you can be a proud owner of one such beauty. Only a few thousand of this model went in to production before being replaced after six successful years. A well-maintained, original 190 SL can be all yours and you get to choose from a couple of them. This model is known for its eye catching design, performance and elegance that appeals even in todays roads.These cars are also known for their engine reliability as you can take it out even after having it stopped for a long time and drive away with almost no problems.

With all classic and vintage cars, comes the issue of safety and these cars are no short on this ground. The bias ply tires have been replaced with todays radials of the same spec providing more reliability on road conditions. These tires were chosen carefully not to reduce the profile of the car which will eventually hit at the suspensions. Classic car sellers more often than not acquire tires for such cars exclusively from all major tire manufacturers that manufacture and supply vintage car tires. Also, the drum brakes that came along the vehicle have been replaced with disk brakes for a quicker braking response and faster stoppage time.

Apart from these minor upgrades, you get the original feel of the 50s with all the vehicle handling characteristics restored to pristine conditions by our exclusive mechanics. These roadster models are available both in hard top and soft top. Please do stop by and check out the models.

Beverly Hills Car Club is a Los Angeles based automotive dealer that deals in classic European cars and American cars. If you are looking to purchase a classic car then we have a collection that will leave you awestruck. We have classic cars for sale like the Mercedes 190 sl and Jaguar xk140 amongst others.

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