Build Your Own Garnet Ring

Use your imagination to make a garnet ring that flashes style and beauty like none other.

So youve finally decided youve worn enough of jewelry designed and made by others and feel its about time to give your pieces a touch of your own. This for starters is a wonderful idea, after all who will understand your taste better than yourself. Bring to use all the imagination you have and create a beautiful piece that looks great and also suits you perfectly.

You can start by working on a gorgeous ring that is set with the beautiful garnet. We all love garnets for their splendid colors and wonderful qualities. It is up to you to decide which color of garnet you want in your ring, the ever popular red wine shade of the stone or other variations like orange, yellow, green, black or pink. Take a look at the options before you decide.

Next make up your mind on the shape of the stone especially if you want a solitaire ring. With garnets available in a lot of lovely shapes like round, oval, pear, cushion and many more, finding the perfect stone will not be so difficult. Irrespective of whether you want a collection of garnets together or a single stone to dominate always have a picture of your ring in mind that you can refer to from time to time.

The setting is always very important in all jewelry especially if it is a ring. Do pay attention to the durability of the setting and ensure it holds the stones securely, this is important if you want to wear your garnet ring regularly.

If you have a fondness for a particular metal go for it otherwise see what metal looks best with your stones. One good thing about garnets is that they look good with white gold as well as yellow gold, but you can always opt for silver if you want your expense to be in control. Get the look you desire whether classic and vintage or chic and contemporary as the options are many.
If youre a lover of diamonds have a few sparks of light thrown in with diamond accents. These tiny sparkles are sure to enliven the color of the garnet in your ring making it look absolutely lovely.

If you get stuck at any point of time always refer to a jeweler you trust. Professional tips help a great deal when youre trying your creativity in building jewelry of your own at

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