Build Your Own Garnet Jewelry

Flaunt your creative streak with some gorgeous jewelry set with garnets in designs that are your own.

If you are someone who loves wearing jewelry especially those that combine color and luster both, and you also have a creative streak then heres a wonderful and innovative way you can unleash your imagination and look pretty at the same time. Have you ever considered giving the jewelry you wear a touch of your own?

Think how often youve felt frustrated about not being able to find that perfect pair of earrings or the pendant and ring that would give a whole new character to your outfit. Finally you know what to do, just go ahead and make the kind of jewelry you love to wear.

A spray of color and luster both can bring alive anything you wear and what better gemstone than the deep red garnet to adorn your jewelry whether rings, earrings, bracelets or pendants especially if you make them yourself. If this is your first time, it will make sense to start with something simple.

Solitaire stones look stylish and go well with almost all kinds of clothes but pick your garnets carefully and pay attention to color, clarity, cut and carat. You can always select the stones in a shape you love the most. The earrings should have twin stones that are similar while you can afford little deviation in the pendant or the ring. A complete set is always a good idea.

If you enjoy a detailed beauty in jewelry then use a cluster of garnets in the same shape or in many different forms. From round, oval, marquise, cushion and many more, there are many variations in this gemstone that you can use. When set together they are sure to create a look that is simply awesome.

A little dash of diamonds is always welcome with your garnets. You can choose to have diamonds in certain pieces and leave them out of the others. This way you will enjoy a variety of jewelry that will be perfect for certain outfits and occasions. Mix and match when you feel the need.

Select the respective settings for your pieces carefully. The color of metal, the design and durability should be few things you must always note. Some settings are plain while others have fine detailing so you should pick according to your need as well as what suits you. They must also be in sync with your choice of garnets. There is something extremely thrilling about creating and then flaunting jewelry made by yourself so indulge and enjoy all you like at

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