Build Your Own Colored Gemstone Jewelry

A whole new range of gemstone studded jewelry that too in a style you love is something you will always cherish especially if you make them yourself.

Beautiful and irresistible jewelry of all kinds look impressive and attractive in their own way. Each variety comes with its own charm whether diamond studded ones, those with the glittering gemstones, a combination of both or plain metal ones and we all have our preference for a particular kind. If you are someone who is in awe of the bright hued gemstones and cannot resist them in any form of jewelry then read on. Now there is something even more interesting awaiting you apart from looking gorgeous in one such piece. Go ahead and create your very own range with the gorgeous gemstones of your choice in a style that appeals to you and in a design that is your very own.

Since you have decided to indulge why not make a complete set that has a ring, a pair of earrings and a pendant that you can wear all together or singly depending upon the occasion. If you are certain about the look you want in them go ahead and make the design and dont forget to also make a sketch of each. Or else give it a good thought and allow your imagination to soar high and when you finally know the look you want start working on the design. Make a note of every little detail like the choice of stone, the total number of them, their shapes and sizes as well and the inclusion of diamonds if you enjoy their dazzle.

Now that you have your design ready and know exactly what stones you will need it is time to source your gems. Always do it from a store of repute that provides the certificate of authenticity. It is also imperative that you know as much as possible about the gems that youre buying so do a detailed study of them and get to know how color, clarity, cut and carat affect their beauty and worth. Only when you know and understand the stones will you be able to buy the perfect ones that are also rightly priced.

With your stone selection over it is time to move on to the settings. Here again you need attention and detailing since youre dealing with a number of them. The choice of metal is equally important and you must see what looks good with your designs and stone color and accordingly pick white gold, yellow gold or platinum. You can go for a look that is elaborate or simple depending upon your preference and the style of jewelry youre creating. Take a close look at the clasps and closures and ensure they have a firm grip on your precious stones.

Finally it is time to look for a jeweler who will set your stones and complete your very own range of jewelry with the awesome gemstones of your choice.

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