Build Your Own Amethyst Engagement Ring

Special beyond words, an amethyst set engagement ring is even more cherished when its your creation.

Every womans face lights up on receiving an engagement ring from the man she adores. Symbolic and special in every possible sense; this is one jewelry where men have been given complete responsibility. So if you have come to that stage in your relationship where you want to embark on the mission of finding the most beautiful piece that is perfect for her youre reading the right stuff.

You can make her feel really loved if you do the unthinkable. Make a ring for her yourself and surprise her thoroughly. Before you start feeling jittery let me assure you it will be very simple but enormously pleasurable. To start with, let me help you with the choice of gemstone. If she is someone who loves vivid colored stones, something with amethysts would work wonders and please her beyond measure.

All you need to do is note her taste in jewelry so start observing what she wears whether demure pieces or detailed ones, in solitaire stones or a cluster of them. Throw casual questions about how she likes to wear her jewelry without letting out your secret. After youve gathered your tidbits start bringing them to use. Begin with the selection of amethysts. You must do a little study on their color, clarity, cut and carat so that the stones you select are just right. If she is in love with diamonds get a spray of diamond accents to surround the stones or adorn the shanks. She will love you for keeping in mind these little details.

Next comes the setting that requires as much attention. Make no mistake with the choice of metal and pick something that she particularly favors whether white gold or yellow gold. Ensure the setting is of a durable nature that can hold the stones securely. As rings are more prone to damage especially an engagement ring that is worn most of the time, it is important for it to be sturdy.

Once the stones and setting are decided, have an authentic jeweler transform them into a stunning ring that will always be cherished. If you ever feel lost at any stage consult your jeweler or seek advice from your female friends or relatives. After all it is for the woman you love and nothing but the best will do.

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