Brandon Timinsky Co-Founder Of GasNinjas Shares Ideas For Startup Business Owners


(May 19, 2018) – GasNinjas which was co-founded by Brandon Timinsky is now an on-demand fuel delivery startup. He says “In September 2015, I founded an on-demand fuel delivery company in Miami and inked its multimillion-dollar acquisition within two years”. He has also shared that all through his voyage along with his co-founder Barret Hammond, they did not spend much of their time in Miami.

In fact, without opening an office at Miami, they traveled all through Central America, Europe, Asia and the United States, while they were running their startup from a remote location.

He suggests that new business owners should learn as they go. He did this and he says that he had a 10-year business ownership career that took him to finding GasNinjas. In fact, he started his first online business when he was just 15 years. Right from there, he used his travel time to learn new things. He learned that a prospective business owner should self-educate themselves using YouTube, books, and blogs.

He has shared that two books were highly influential for him in his journey. One book is Tim Ferriss’s “The 4-Hour work week” and the other book is “Rich Dad Poor Dad” from Robert Kiyosaki.

He suggests some ways for business owners to take their startup from launch to acquisition stage. He suggests business owners outsource what they can so that they can focus on core values and many such suggestions.

About GasNinjas:

GasNinjas was co-founded by Brandon Timinsky is a service that delivers gas straight to the car wherever the car is.

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