Book Editing.

In an excellent manuscript editing situation, communication flows between author and editor via emails or perhaps telephone calls and skype, if necessary. I understand first hand just how much effort is used when writing an e book, therefore i assume you care passionately about your brainchild and wish to accomplish a thorough task of taking it to perfection. That is why, I follow the task that a lot of publishers use: first move, author analysis, and cleanup. Unlike various “editing mills,” which perform only the first level, it’s best to work separately with authors until their multiple revisions are fully edited. Generally, break each manuscript into three chapter sections or whatever size the writer would like a section to end up being, and edit the sections one at a time.

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While editing the assignment, I generate a large number of contacts with the customer to be completely certain that i feel that I am aware of what you want to say in your work. Occasionally, however, I must say i cannot always know what you mean, therefore i must put in a request for further information, possibly in an email. Until i have your answer, I defer editing that sentence before “second move,” or “cleanup.” It is very important that you response to my questions because if specific passages confuse me personally, they may similarly mystify the reader. You, the writer, being so near the book, may not understand that what you say and the way you say it, may not always be clear to everyone who reads it. Only once I learn everything you really meant to convey, may i edit the section properly; to reflect your true intent.

For the next stage, I e-mail the edited portion of manuscript for for the writer to review. At that moment, the writer can include new material, reply to my queries, and modify whatever they want. To reply or add new innovative sentences, the writer only needs to type a response immediately after the query or put new material in the area where it belongs. I cannot say enough how vital it really is for authors to reply all questions. With every reserve, I defer making decisions in editing tough passages until the author sends material me with an increased understanding of the text.

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For the next stage, the writer, will e-mail that portion of the manuscript back again for cleanup. In this task, I read all the insertions and answers and perform any final editing that’s required in those passages. That is my last opportunity to clarify the suggestions that were made as a result of the 1st pass.

At this point, what i see as a finished product, is then sent back to the writer. Hopefully at that point, there is no further editing to be done, however from time to time an uncertain client will need more work done in an effort to gain that perfect result. One can only do one’s best to help the writer realize their goal, and to be happy with their work.


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