Bigfoot vs. Yeti, a Powerful Game for Cryptozoology Enthusiasts


Bigfoot vs. Yeti is a game that has been designed and developed by Shoot Again Games. Meant to be a high octane game that comes with all the thrills of leading action games, Bigfoot vs. Yeti is equipped with all the features that make it a powerhouse game on its own. In this game, a serious battle is gradually brewing between Bigfoot, the undisputed king and ruler of the cryptids and Yeti, his distant cousin who is not too happy to play the second fiddle to Bigfoot.

In the game, a player needs to take on the role of an upcoming cryptozoologist who becomes involved with various mounting expeditions in order to prove the existence of numerous unknown creatures like Bigfoot, Yeti, the Jersey Devil, The Loch Ness Monster and Chupacabra. However, the player will eventually get himself involved in a major feud between the Bigfoot and Yeti, wherein he will need to choose a side for survival. The side that the player chooses will also shape up the fate of the research and also the overall success of the expedition.

In order to play the game, one can draw from the Unknown deck or the Tabloids (i.e. discard pile). The players can mount or be a part of expeditions for various cryptids or unknown creatures. Each and every creature has a unique and special power that can help them in some way or the other. The players can use every single action card in numerous effective ways to manipulate certain facets and aspects of the game. The Bigfoot vs. Yeti game is currently a major Kickstarter project that is attempting to raise funds for the funding and development of this game. The project is aiming to raise a total of $6000 by November 22, 2017.

About Bigfoot vs. Yeti:
Bigfoot vs. Yeti is a new Kickstarter project that aims to raise funds for the development of a game.

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