31202Beyond Playa del Carmen: Child-Friendly Fun in South America

If you’ve got young children, Mexico’s Playa del Carmen is the perfect holiday destination (assuming you’ve got the right travel insurance for South America, of course). You can spend the day at the beach, or, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, there are loads of nearby places to visit, including ancient Mayan ruins and underwater cenotes.

Take a Day Trip to Tulum

Start the morning by building sandcastles and splashing about in the waves at Tulum’s charming beach – I’d only have to show you a picture of the glorious white sand and picture-book blue sea for you to want to spend all day there! When you’re ready for lunch, there are lots of great family-friendly restaurants nearby.

If you’re up for a little exploring in the afternoon, you could visit the Columbian Mayan site. Located on a 12-metre-high cliff facing the Caribbean Sea, these ruins are breath-taking. My kids loved looking out for all the iguanas hiding up there!

Another option is to go swimming in the natural underwater pools. These cenotes have unbelievably clear water which are filled with different coloured fish. They’re often found in caves and have the most phenomenal stalactites and stalagmites you’ll ever see. Trust me, it’s an experience your kids won’t forget.

Spend the Day in ChichénItzà

ChichénItzà is a famous restored Maya site. Its various edifices are known as ‘time temples’, revealing the mysteries of the Mayan astronomical calendar. At the spring and autumn equinoxes, the morning and afternoon sun creates a brilliant optical illusion of there being a serpent ascending or descending the side of El Castillo’s staircase.

Now I realise that going away in March or September doesn’t really fit with the kids’ school holidays, but don’t worry, you won’t be missing out. The illusion is recreated by a light-and-sound show all year round (and frankly, the real event is so crowded your little ones probably wouldn’t be able to see anything if you went during the actual equinox). The 45-mintues light show is just as good and will fascinate the kids!

Take a Glass Bottom Boat Tour in Cozumel

Young children often struggle to use snorkels, or find the whole experience a little frightening. If you don’t want them to miss out on seeing all the beautiful marine life though, I’d recommend taking a boat tour around Cozumel. You’ll be able to admire the tropical fish that hide in the reefs from the safety of the boat (kids are provided with life jackets) and, if you’re lucky, you might even spot a few sea turtles.

Keep Your Little Ones Safe with Travel Insurance

When it comes to your kids, you never want to put their health at risk. It’s always best to be covered just in case something does happen, and, to be honest, it’s worth it just for your own peace of mind. InsureMore’s travel insurance for South America offers a 24-hour emergency service, quick online claims, and (big seller) free cover for children on family policies.

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