Benefits of Jewellery Display Cabinets for Retail display

Owners of Jewellery stores and kiosks need to display their stock to the customers in an alluring manner. This leads to the requirement of certain type of special jewellery display cabinets and CGcabinets can provide varied choice. In case you own any jewellery store and are looking to renovate it, check out the latest display cabinets at CGcabinets with amazing facilities and better protection to safeguard your valuable items from petty theft. CGcabinets also produce bespoke cabinets and glass counters.

Abundant and clear lighting facility

CGcabinets display cabinets are fitted with plenty of lighting options in order to make jewelries shiny and display the items placed inside them clearly. A glass surface adds to the advantage. However, it is vital to choose a cabinet with toughened glass; especially unbreakable ones are recommended for added safety.

Latest collection of jewellery glass cabinets at CGcabinets come with advanced LED lighting facility that offers brighter display of almost every corner of the cabinet and helps to display the jewellery items perfectly. They even do not shield an artificial hue of light-effect, as the older halogen lights used to create, thereby allowing the viewer to see the actual color and glaze of jewellery pieces. Halogen lighting offers a yellow tint like effect in comparison to advanced LED lights that have brighter and whiter aspect.

Special display cases

There are a number of jewellery cabinets for smaller and medium-sized boutiques. Glass table-top cabinets for displaying jewellery offers great display benefit within compressed space for boutiques. Tempered glass cabinets with a wooden frame suit best for displaying unique valuable items. CGcabinets frameless cabinets allow for un-impeded viewing from all sides however there range of Aluminum cabinets have a minimalist profile so that strength and elegance is present.

In this regard, bespoke display cabinets can be ideal. These large cabinets come in entire glass construction or glass side panels or fixed wooden backs. These cabinets are usually used to display a wide selection of item that any store has in possession. You can even display attractive jewellery sets on small dummies in such cabinets. Effective lighting and shade from crucial position would do the rest of the trick. CGcabinets is renowned to produce custom bespoke cabinets to suite individual needs, any shape, any size and any Colour!

Adjustable fittings inside modern day display cabinet

Modern display cabinets have several options of height-adjustable shelves. These display cabinets offer huge advantage over others. You can use these boxes to display a variety of items and even various kinds of jewellery pieces.

In case you have a stock of small and medium-sized earrings, rings etc, just lift the shelves within the box. Adjust the shelves to the required sockets present at the side of the cabinet and they would raise upwards offering clearer view to the customers. You can also adjust a number of stepped shelves to display wide range of smaller jewellery items at a single cabinet.

Some adjustable glass shelves of the company also offer an option for displaying bigger and more gorgeous jewellery items. You can effectively adjust the shelves and even remove a few glass shelves in order to make room for properly displaying the items.

Notable factors while choosing Jewellery display cabinet

In case you are selecting a glass display cabinet for your jewelry store, always check out the locking facility of lids associated with the cabinet. Prefer to use lockable display cabinets with glass surface for ensuring better display of items under proper protection. These cabinets are widely available at CGcabinets and come in handy for displaying valuable jewellery, like platinum, silver, gold, diamond, etc. You can also choose your favorite wooden framed display cabinet from wide range in color like, black, silver, gold etc.

Apart from this, some modern jewellery cabinets by CGcabinets come with security alarms that help a lot in attracting the attention of security personnel in case of unwanted intrusion or handling. Such cabinets are highly used in larger jewellery stores where various designer jewellery sets are displayed throughout the showroom.

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