31202Be Brave in Benidorm: Hair-Raising Rides in Terra Mítica

Benidorm’s enduring appeal as a great holiday destination comes from its versatility; it really does have something for absolutely everyone. The resort boasts stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife and good food, skyscraper hotels that have become an established feature of the Costa Blanca skyline, and historic medieval districts in the old town.

Tourists travelling from Alicante to Benidorm for more than just relaxation, however, can scare themselves happy at theme parks like Terra Mítica. Located to the west of the town, it is a terrific place for creating exhilarating memories, ideal for thrill-seeking families with children of all ages.

Terra Mítica takes it thematic cues from the lush ancient history of the Mediterranean, featuring five unique areas: Rome, Iberia, Greece, The Islands and Ocionia. History and fun – the perfect family combination!


The most famous ancient civilisation is Rome. Its main attraction is the Magnus Colossus, which joins tight corners and sudden drops with speeds of over 60mph. The Flight of the Phoenix hits similar speeds and, with a notoriously stomach-turning 54m drop, is another essential for those in search of radical experience. And Inferno, a ball rollercoaster that spins around and around – just don’t eat before that one! To round off Rome also has smaller, kiddy-friendly activities like Ayquesustus and Vertigum to keep everyone occupied.


Similarly all the family can enjoy the Spanish version of dodgem cars and other gentle driving rides for the youngest visitors. Tizona is the biggie in Iberia, with its velocity of dips inspiring delighted shouts and screams that will be audible in the other zones of Terra Mítica.


Ancient Greece might be home to democracy but here its most exciting legacy is SynKope, a massive disc full of people that spins at 55mph at an angle of 120º. You won’t be sure which ways up or down after this one! If the heat is overwhelming, try Triton’s Fury, a river ride in which getting wet is guaranteed. The Labyrinth of the Minotaur is a must for the younger ones, a fun horror ride decorated with sirens, basilisks and monsters from all manner of Greek myths.

The Islands

The mythological theme continues into The Islands, with more water rides like Rapids of Argos and Rage of Achilles – recreating a ship’s galley in the stormy Aegean Sea. In Ulysses Rescue, you can climb aboard a small boat and sail past famous stories and characters, all watched over by the giant head of Poseidon.


In Ocionia, also known as Egypt, mummies and pyramids abound – home to soaking water rollercoasters and dramatic paintball battles. It’s a great place to take a breather on Infinito, a gentle viewing platform which rises 100m above everything and everyone else. Aah, the views.

Meanwhile in the streets, there are acrobatic performances and stuntmen who vividly realise some of the most spectacular myths. The diversity of Terra Mítica is astounding!

How to Get There

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