Atlanta Startup Launches Touchtop, The World’s First Smart Desk for Students

ATLANTA, Georgia (September 7, 2017) – Today, AppTouch Technologies launched TouchTop, its smart desk technology for student desks and workspaces. TouchTop addresses the “power problem” for classrooms and is the first educational technology product to integrate mobile, PC and accessible technologies into a single product.

Increasing student use of mobile technology in classes requires a power source that can recharge these devices throughout the day. With TouchTop, a solution is now available that seamlessly fits onto a student’s desk. TouchTop, designed as a thin, durable and expandable overlay that easily mounts onto an existing work surface delivers USB charging through removable power modules that slide into expansion bays built into the side of TouchTop.

“I visited dozens of schools as I was building TouchTop. Most schools struggle to find a safe, easy to use solution to keep students’ devices in-use, charged and effectively engaged with their lessons throughout the school day. Part of the problem is most classrooms often rearrange desks to meet their lesson or activity needs that day. Thus, running traditional wall-based power to a desk is just not possible”, says TouchTop’s creator Chris Douglass.

“TouchTop not only solves the lack of power for students and their mobile devices, it’s expandable so teachers and students can adapt their work surfaces in new ways. Our ‘snap-in’ accessories allow schools to provide lesson-specific accessories that easily attach to TouchTop,” says Douglass.

The ability to adapt a surface or desk with new capabilities is part of a broader design goal for the product’s creator. Douglass, an experienced software developer, expressed his passion for the product’s accessibility features by stating, “I started this journey because I wanted to help my son. As a parent of a special needs learner, I wanted to build something that would effectively impact my son’s ability to interact with technology.”

Along with articulating smartphone and tablet stands that can be positioned for maximum usability and privacy partitions to assist with sensory or attention needs, TouchTop also includes software that automatically adapts a student’s digital and cloud-based lesson material to increase ease of use for their individual abilities.

The company launched TouchTop on the crowdfunding website, IndieGoGo, to assist with funding future design and manufacturing efforts. The product and crowdfunding campaign can be viewed at The company’s website is located at Special discounts are being offered to school districts that sign up to purchase TouchTop through the IndieGoGo campaign.

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TouchTop is designed to support students of all abilities and includes innovative accessibility features for students with special needs.

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