(MAY 18, 2019)- Women around the world are navigating their own journeys individually. However, most battles that women encounter are common universally and it marks as a great strength to unify with one another on an emotional and spiritual level to tackle the daily rut. Blue Girl Turned Gold by Myesha Collins advocate this unity and is an attempt to define these battles throughout the world on a common ground. Owing to the fact that the ailments riddling women around the world are more or less similar in nature, Myesha Collins has made an attempt to urge them to merge with one another at this common front. The award winning activist, author, speaker, creative strategist, transformation anthology visionary, Myesha Collins is an advocate of women empowerment and understands that the first step towards this is self-healing of women at a global level. The author firmly believes that women can never be defined by their circumstances or the situations that they constantly find themselves in. Rather it is the will power to fight through the same that truly defines their strength.

The book is a testament to Myesha Collins’ belief that “experiences shape who you are, but they do not dictate who you become.” Myesha Collins has been using her own experiences to help women, particularly teenage mothers, around the world. Her aim is to urge them to evoke their inherent strengths and capabilities and remind them of the fact that there’s always hope for them. Now she has incorporated all age groups as well as genders in her message and aims to fortify mental health of people around the world. What makes Myesha Monique Collins truly unique is that she has been a force to reckon with when it comes to healing and empowerment, but that does not mean that she does not have other interests. The military veteran, author, motivational coach, relationship consultant, Ordained minister and a mother of three sons, Montreal, Eric and Otashia, is equally passionate about post-midnight shopping. The motivational author also has another book to her credit, which is a collection of her poetry, entitled “Poetration.” The poet published her book in 2006 and it is available through Amazon. The book of poems is also focused on life, and the experiences drawn from the same.

It is of no wonder that Myesha has deep interest in writing short stories and poetry, which she visualizes as a medium to share her experiences and inspirational messages and her interest in spirituality. Her main aim is to make the book a safe place for women seeking help to return every day in order to meditate and immerse themselves in the tranquil realm of its pages. The book poses a crunching question at the end of whether the reader is in the “gold” or in the “blue” mental territory. Myesha has many feathers in her hat including Iheart Radio Community Partner, Youth Empowerment Partnership with Pharrell Williams’s organization FOHTA, being a youth influencer and genius is common member.

About Blue Girl Turned Gold:
Blue Girl Turned Gold by Myesha Monique Collins is an empowering book for all the women around the world. The book is primarily a self-empowering message that aims to unite women at an emotional front to fortify their mental healing.

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Blue Girl Turned Gold is igniting a flame to help all those who are seeking help for their mental health and are on the lookout for self-healing. Authored by Myesha Collins, the book is a flame of healing for women who want to redefine their lives.


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