Architekst launches new website

Translation company Architekst has launched a brand-new website outlining its unparalleled translation service – one that is not only effective but also personal, flexible, reliable and dedicated to your success. With a track record spanning 18 years Architekst has been trusted by clients across continents and from all businesses sectors: medicine, television and film, market research, banking, law and technology, to name but a few. It is testament to the superior quality of our service that many of our clients have recommended us to their business associates.

Visit our website to find out how Architekst can help expand your global reach with its wide-ranging translation services.

Architekst translation services – our ethos

Exceptional client service is central to our business ethos. Our skilled and knowledgeable project management team handles requests in a range of languages and each member will personally organise a client’s project every step of the way, from the initial email request to final delivery of translated files. We strive to meet your budgetary and lead time criteria without compromising on quality.

Why work with Architekst?

Our translators are native speakers with industry-specific expertise to match the requirements of your business sector – be it legal, pharmaceutical, manufacturing or leisure.

As well as this comprehensive mastery of subject fields, Architekst offers translation solutions across a wide spectrum of media:

– Document translation – such as technical manuals, questionnaires, contracts and commercial correspondence.
– Website localisation – professional translation of websites into any language for global success.
– Layout and typesetting – for documents where presentation is key to their appeal, using Roman, Cyrillic, Asian or Arabic systems according to the target language script.
– Voice over/ subtitling – professional voice talent in over 140 languages. Suitable for television/film, audio, online, training/e-learning, or any other media type.
– Transcription – converting an audio file to text, as in the production of multilingual video/audio description.

Whatever the medium, Architekst will ensure that your message is delivered as intended, moving seamlessly into the target language idiom while remaining faithful to the original meaning.

Ask for a test translation to give you a feel for our technical and creative capabilities or fill in our contact form to find out what Architekst can do for you. Our project management team welcome enquiries and will respond promptly.

Call or email our friendly team now for your gateway to global success!

Kristof Simoens
Company: Architekst
Address: Vrankaartstraat 7, 9790 Moregem, Belgium
Telephone: +3255385387



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