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IPad Tablet Repair Service in Pittsburgh

If you are looking for the best PC doctors in Pittsburgh that can fix your devices like IPad and other android tablets, MDofPC Doctor of Computers is just what you need. MDofPC Doctor of Computers can fix all your problems with your devices from software to hardware. It is the best Ipad tablet repair service that you can have in Pittsburgh. It is a quality repair service that is certified by Microsoft. No more worries for troubleshooting your IPad, tablets and other devices because MDofPC Doctor of Computers can professionally fix it all for you.

MDofPC Doctor of Computers offers the best quality repair services for a wide variety of gadgets and other devices from the old to the latest ones. If you want an affordable but high quality service in Pittsburgh to bring back your favorite gadget, put your trust in MDofPC Doctor of Computers. With their mission to provide affordable and quality computer repair services, they guarantee that your device will be fixed in no time.

IPads and Android tablets are one of the newest gadgets in the market today. Knowing that these gadgets are new, it is rare to find it in stores as well as its parts. Once something is wrong with these gadgets, it is hard to find a technician or repair services that can fix it. Repair services for IPad, tablets or other gadgets can be hard to find, especially the service that can really troubleshoot your device with quality without asking for a high pay.

MDofPC Doctor of Computers is skilled in repairing many gadgets from the old ones to the latest. They provide services including iPad tablet repairs, accessories, software and other related matters. All their services include a good deal of warranty on labor and parts of the device. They also offer a low flat rate of service that will surely suit with your budget.

MDofPC Doctor of Computers is composed of professional people that are knowledgeable and skilled in troubleshooting computers, iPad and Android tablets. They have enough knowledge and skills in fixing PCs and other devices from software to hardware. With MDofPC Doctor of Computers, you are sure with the quality of their repair. With 20 years of experience, you are guaranteed that your gadget will be fixed in no time and you can have it fully working again.

By taking your broken gadget to MDofPC Doctor of Computers, you can have it back in its best performance. With skilled and professional hands, you are assured that you are given quality services. There is no more need for you to look for other repair services in Pittsburgh because MDofPC Doctor of Computers is ready to serve you at all times.

With their $75 flat rate for the labor and cost of parts, you can save more and enjoy the services offered by MDofPC Doctor of Computers. Quality and economy are demonstrated by MDofPC Doctor of Computer because they give warranty in all their services to make sure that you will only get the best from them.

Our technicians can repair several hardware and software issues that can occur with Apple Ipad 1,2,3 units as well as Android based tablets such as the Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus and other similar models. Most tablet repairs would be charged the $75 flat rate service fee that we offer that includes all labor less parts. Most repairs fall into the $100 to $200 price range
Examples of Tablet Repairs

cracked or dim lcd screens or touch screen digitizers
Will not boot due to operating system corruption
Cannot upgrade to the latest firmware or operating system
Replace or repair charging jack, headphone jack, buttons or memory card slot
Battery no longer holds a charge we can install new batteries
Will not pickup wireless signals or drops them often
Install new programs or update existing ones
Sync data from your tablet to phone computer or other devices


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