31202Amsterdam: Appreciating the European Home of Body Art

There are few better forms of self-expression than tattoos. Body art has become a lot more mainstream in recent times and it is now common for people of all ages and back-grounds to have some form of ink adorning their skin.

Tattoos date back thousands of years when they were used to signal religious, social and/or political expression. The earliest form dates right back to 3300 BC; Otzi the Ice-man was found with powdered charcoal having been rubbed into cuts in his skin – it is thought that they were used a medical treatment for pain. Tattoos have also appeared in various other ancient civilisations, but there was a fast decline during the rise of the Ro-man Empire when they were banned by Emperor Constantine. In recent years there has been a sharp rise in popularity as they are no longer associated with fringe groups and soldiers and have been embraced by the mainstream.

Tattoos and the history of body art is fascinating and if you want to get a peek into this world then there are few places better than Amsterdam. There are many great tattoo-based activities that you can do in this wonderful city even if you do not want to brave the needle yourself! It is a well-known hub for tattoo artists with many people coming from all around the world to get inked at the various established shops found throughout the city. Be sure to check out the following during your stay.

International Tattoo Convention

Taking place in November 2018, this popular convention at the RAI Convention Centre is in its 14th year. It will feature world-famous tattoo artists from every corner of the globe along with all kinds of cool street art, graffiti, fashion, live music and much more. It is a fascinating event with a warm and friendly atmosphere, so simply strolling around and enjoying the sights and sounds is a great experience, but it is also a fantastic place to get inked yourself. If this sounds like something that you would like to do then it is worth booking in with an artist before the convention starts as it is sure to be busy and the de-mand is high for these respected artists.

Body Art Exhibition at the Tropenmuseum

This intriguing exhibition running until late August looks back through history at body art in its broadest sense, including tattoos, make-up, piercings, surgical alterations, implants under the skin and all other forms of body art. It also features work by legendary artist ORLAN along with stunning photos from Krijn van Noordwijk. You are sure to be amazed at what is on show here.

How to Get There

Amsterdam is a city that is very easy to reach from the UK; flights into Schiphol Airport taking a little over an hour and are made regularly throughout the week with a range of budget carriers. From here, you are around 17km outside of the city centre so you will want to arrange an Amsterdam airport shuttle to take you to your hotel. It can be busy at the airport, so I would recommend pre-booking your ride so that you do not have to wait around. Depending on where your hotel is, an Amsterdam airport shuttle should take around 20 minutes once you set off.

If you have an interest in tattoos and body art then there is nowhere better for it than the city of Amsterdam, especially if you include the must-visit attractions above in your itine-rary.

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