All of better improving points about the new Nintendo DS gamer

The NDSL gamer is the improved version of NDS which had been launched in late 2004. This kind of newly game platform has been sold in March 2, 2006 in Japan for sale. The people who had ever played the NDS should know about that the NDSL has retained the unique performance of NDS. On the other hand, the weight of the NDSL is lighter than that of the NDS which has improved the portability. The developer has also enhanced the screen brightness. However, the color of this game player should be the Crystal White, Ice Blue and blue enamel. However, the NDSL card is soul of this platform. If people want to purchase the high quality Nintendo DS games card, they could browse the website which is the best online seller for the DS cards such as new super Mario bros and Mario party DS games.

Although the overall appearance of the Nintendo DS games has had little changing, the main volume of this platform is thin and light. On the other hand, the shell material has also had a tremendous improvement. The surface of the body of the Nintendo DS has had a semi-transparent material which could let the overall feeling close with the iPOD and PSP. Furthermore, the screen panel of NDSL has also applied the most advanced reflection liquid crystal panel which has greatly enhanced the NDSL screen effect.

Since the NDSL is thinner than the NDSL, the battery volume cannot compare with the original NDS. In that case, this many players mario party ds games should be worried about the endurance of its battery. However, through the practical research of website, the NDSL¡¯s battery life is better than it of NDS. In a word, people should not care about the battery life of the Nintendo DS and they could happily play the Nintendo DS games such as Mario Kart DS wholesale.

However, there are some slightly unfortunately things. After the shrinking of the, the GBA cassette will reveal super mario 64 ds games about 1CM after it has been inserted into the main body of this device. This could slightly affect the overall aesthetics of the Nintendo DS games platform. No matter what kind of situations, the funny feeling in the playing process should be the most important factor which people should pay more attention. If people want to have the funning experience about the playing for this game platform, they could contact with the website which has been listed before to purchase the high quality game cards such as new super Mario bros game wholesale. Wholesale cheap nintendo ds game card ,the high quality game card from china,hot selling new super mario bros ds card and mario party ds card



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