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Today, people are becoming more aware of blockchain and digital currency. So far, over 3 million people worldwide use cryptocurrencies. Just like we have Google for searching any information, there must be a specific website which will provide us with each and every information we need to find about cryptocurrency. Since the information that we will get from Google will not be specific and we need correct and specific information, we should use a dedicated blockchain explorer like

Tokenview is a relatively new blockchain explorer on the internet currently, however, it is very useful. Today we will be sharing advantages of using Tokenview instead of any other blockchain explorer present on the internet.

Tokenview performs following a very simple yet powerful module and provides some extra features which are missing in other blockchain explorers. With Tokenview you can access addresses, transaction IDs, balances, block hashes, block heights and latest blocks of popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC DASH, ZCASH.

Why choose

Tokenview supports multiple currencies and therefore there is no need to open several explorers for checking their transactions or any other information. If you have more than one or two types of cryptocurrencies, all you need is a single explorer i.e. Tokenview. It is very convenient to use as well. It is indeed a one stop shop for all the information related to cryptocurrencies.

Although there are many explorers available in the market, none can compete with Tokenview. No blockchain explorer supports multiple currencies at the same time. However, there are many explorers which claim to do so, in reality, they fail and tell clients that the transactions cannot be searched. But with Tokenview, any addresses, balances, transaction IDs, block hashes, block heights and latest blocks can be searched within just a few seconds.

Tokenview allows the users to search all mainstream cryptocurrencies whitepapers. This competitiveness is very rare and cannot be found in most blockchain explorer.

More powerful, Tokenview supports query Eth and erc 20 tokens.

With Tokenview there is no need for frequently switching queries between different browsers. Tokenview will make sure that every latest data regarding cryptocurrency is updated. Soon we can expect it to become the fastest blockchain browser.

As mentioned earlier, each latest information provided by Tokenview is not limited to only one type of cryptocurrency, while other blockchain explorers like fails to do so. For instance, when you search the below-mentioned block address you will be able to get information regarding it on Tokenview. Whereas, when you enter the same address on you will be shocked to notice how powerful Tokenview is.

Address: 1F1tAaz5x1HUXrCNLbtMDqcw6o5GNn4xqX.

This clearly shows that Tokenview is always updating its data which mainstream blockchain explorers like fail to do. holds the authority to query Bitcoins.

Similarly, is another blockchain explorer and is very popular, however, you will be shocked to notice that it also shows “No matching results found” when we enter the same block address.

After using some more blockchain explorers, for instance, and and miserably failing to get any result about the same blockchain address, we can clearly say that no other blockchain explorer is as updated as is.

To conclude, we would like to say that when it comes to getting 100% accurate and updated information regarding any blockchain height, blockchain address or another blockchain related information, Tokenview must be chosen by all as it provides all latest data. Why go for other blockchain explorers when they cannot and do not provide the latest and updated information? Make sure that you use Tokenview the next time.

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