Al Badie Group To Enter Into The Indian Real Estate Industry

Abu Dhabi, UAE (March 18, 2018) – Al Badie Group (ABG) is a leading real estate development company based in Abu Dhabi. For many decades, the Al Badie Group spearheaded numerous construction projects in different parts of UAE, making them a formidable name in the real estate scene of UAE.

Over the years, they have managed numerous different types of projects and have contributed to the development of various industries such as travel and tourism, hospitality, healthcare and property development. In an announcement, Al Badie Group mentioned that they were looking forward to expand their business into India as they felt that the Indian realty industry provides with excellent opportunities of growth and expansion. The company aims to get in touch with some of the local developers in India and develop joint venture partnerships with them to make their mark into Indian realty space.

Khaled Mohammed Al Badie, the Vice President and CEO of ABG mentioned that they are considering India to be a very important market for them and they are looking forward to do business here. For this, they are looking into the best local players who can provide them with a lot of expertise for the Indian market. Khaled Al Badie also mentioned that ABG is already holding talks with numerous UAE-based banks that have Indian operations in order to find prospective partners that can help ABG to enter into Indian real estate market. The company aims to manage numerous commercial and residential projects in India along with lavish hotels.

About Al Badie Group:
Al Badie Group is a leading real estate company in UAE that has been in business since 1967.

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Al Badie Group, a reputed real estate company in Abu Dhabi, is all set to enter into the Indian real estate market.  



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