Advantages to Fibre-Optics Broadband Connections in the UK

Fibre-Optics are an advanced technology composed of strands of individual fibres. Information travels through these fibre strands as light pulses. This pulsating light method of information delivery is more efficient than Asymetrical Digital Serial Lines (ADSL) broadband connections for a number of different reasons.

Fibre-Optic broadband connections create less overall internet interference. They are also to keep signal strength over longer distances than ADSL broadband connections. In simplified terms, then, Fiber-Optics broadband connections, because they are able to transmit information at higher frequency levels, equal greater bandwidth, which equals faster overall communication speeds.

Technologically speaking, Fibre-Optic broadband connections are sprinters when compared to the more leisurely strolling speeds of ADSL broadband connections. While most ADSL broadband connections provide an average speed of 24 Mbps, Fibre-Optics broadband connections, on the other hand, can reach, and even exceed, speeds of 76 Mbps.

This difference in speed accounts for several improvements with regard to internet productivity. For instance, downloading information such as files and videos could previously be quite the time consuming activity due to both file sizes and slow connection speeds. In general, the larger the file, the more time was spent waiting for download completion.

While Fibre-Optics broadband connections do not yet offer instantaneous downloading capabilities, the amount of time it takes in order to download a file or video is considerably less than with the previous ADSL broadband connection. If downloading a file once took a few minutes with ADSL, that time would be reduced to a few seconds using a Fibre-Optics broadband connection.
What is true for downloads is also true for uploads, of course. These days, uploading pictures, videos, and file description is just as commonplace an internet activity as downloading pictures, videos, and file description. Fibre-Optics broadband connections provide the same kind of speed for downloads as they do for uploads, which translates into spending much less time waiting for material to both be retrieved and to be viewed.

Gamers will also appreciate the differences in ADSL and Fiber-Optics broadband connections. Low latency connection issues present in ADSL broadband connections become virtually nonexistent using a Fibre-Optics alternative. This means there is no more “lag time,” or unexpected moments of “slow mo,” when a game drags or skips, which enhances the overall gaming experience.

Perhaps one of the best advantages of Fibre-Optics broadband connections is the increased connectivity this kind of technology provides. With the technological capability to connect phones, tablets, laptops, Smart TVs, and game consoles, Fibre-Optics broadband connections allow for simultaneous internet activities to occur without overloading system connectivity. This means that several devices can be utilized without the possibility of interference in the form of low latency connection, “lag times,” and “slow mo.”

Fibre-Optics broadband connections are not just speedy, they are consistently speedy. Even during times of peak internet use, Fibre-Optics broadband connections are dependable and reliable. With ADSL broadband connections, there is always the risk of connection failure during times of high usage and connectivity. With Fibre-Optics broadband connections, however, this issue is all but eliminated. No more worrying whether or not one might or might not be able to connect to the internet. With Fibre-Optics broadband connections, the answer is always a resounding yes!

Ultimately, the increased speed that is created by Fiber-Optics broadband connections serve to promote an overall better quality internet experience. The enhanced technological capabilities provided by Fibre-Optic broadband connections increase both downloading and uploading speeds, virtually eliminate low latency connections, allow for greater connectivity to various electronic devices, and go above and beyond the limitations of ADSL broadband connections to provide internet access even during times of high volume internet usage.
For anyone who has ever experienced the frustration and utter annoyance associated with internet connectivity issues, or who has ever been tempted to lose their patience with a computer, laptop, mobile or cellular phone, or gaming console, Fibre-Optics broadband connections can help to alleviate most of those temptations, annoyances, and frustrations. While tiny fibre strands transmitting information may seem very much like something out of a science fiction novel, they actually serve as an integral, and indeed essential, part of the next generation of technological advancements.

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