Aaron Rasor Has Posted a Project at Indiegogo Seeking Support for QiPet Wireless Charger

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Fort Worth, United States (April 13, 2018) – Wireless charging technology was introduced way earlier in the market. But, these charges have the similar boring designs. Also, they are not meant for all. They are just for business executives. To help other people to ensure quick and easy wireless charging, Aaron Rasor has launched the QiPet Wireless Charger.

Rasor is the CEO and the Founder of Rasor Thin Wireless LLC. He says that “It is the time to bring wireless charging to the rest of the world with a new design”. So, the idea of creating a fully-compatible, soft and cute charges that can be used anywhere in the home was created.

Now, he has posted a project at Indiegogo requesting funds from backers for the mass production of this wireless charging station. This product will have a multi-positioning charging facility, such that the users can charge their phone when they are watching television, listening to music or engaged in any of their favorite work without the fear of scratching their costly phone.

The funding raised from the Indiegogo project will be used for perfecting the design of the product and also for designing the packaging, creating many more animal designs and for getting the required certifications. The contributors will get this product at discounted cost and they will also get email updates and early access to the future projects from Rasor Thin Wireless LLC.

About Aaron Rasor:
After serving for two decades to the United States Army, Rasor retired and started to lead a civilian career in the information technology industry. He had always been a tech nerd and he is always interested in the invention of new products.

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Wireless charging is already in the market. But, those chargers have a boring design. To help people looking for wireless chargers in an interesting design, Aaron Razor has introduced the QiPet Wireless Charger.


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