Aarik Orndorff Has Plans To Introduce The Color-Printed Version of Fading Legend First Three Issues

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Portland, OR (April 07, 2018) – Aarik Orndorff has posted a project in Kickstarter seeking support for the color printing of the most popular Fading Legend comic book series. The story of the last living Paladin has attracted many kids and now the founder has planned to introduce the colored-version of the first three black and white issues.

The series says Paladins are iconic characters, who unfortunately are generally portrayed as having a white knight complex. But this series and Fading Legend is going to change this thought and is going to bring back the true characters of Paladins as was done by the first three issues.

The comic series has characters like Ehren, Hagen, Amity, Balatek, and Kendrick. A team was involved in the creation of these characters. Of course, the team includes the creator of the comic book Aarik Orndorff, Cody Meyer, an artist, and Matthew R. Campbell, a color artist.

Ehren Casmir, who is the hero of the series is also the last living Paladin. With his responsibility to carry on the legacy of the Paladin to the next generations, he will also have to maintain righteousness. The series goes on explains his story as to whether he was able to continue his lineage and also teach others to turn out to be one of those holy warriors. The storyline is interesting for readers as they tend to understand whether he turns out to be a teacher or he just maintains the legacy of being a good man by not getting corrupted by loathing and revenge.

Then, Amity Beliandre is a woman in this series with amazing personality, but with average looks. She was forced to lead a life of pick pocket, burglar. But, why should the Paladin keep her with him. The reason is that with his righteousness and valor he cannot get rid of tricks and traps. But, with her experience in pick pocketing, she very well can help the Paladin.

The team has already done with the initial three black and white issues. They are now planning to print them in full color as a trade paperback. The poster has plans to use the 90% of the funds raised from this Kickstarter Campaign towards printing the TPB itself and the remaining will go towards the processing fee at Kickstarter.

About Aarik Orndorff:
Aarik Orndorff loves to tell stories, particularly with different sort of visual mediums. He decided to pursue storytelling and art as his passion when he was in his 4 years. With this motto, he gained an art scholarship when he was in his fourth grade. He was given this award for attending summer classes in pottery, painting, and sculpting Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Fading Legend is a comic book that has attracted many kids and adults alike. Now, for colored Trade Paperback printing of this comic, Aarik Orndorff has posted a project in Kickstarter seeking support from backers.


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